I almost died


Today was… crazy. If it weren’t for a random guy next to me, I wouldn’t have been writing this post.
After school I went to a few shops and decided to take a different way  home than I normally do because I wanted to meet up with my grandma (she lives in the same city). Somewhere on that way, I had to cross a big motorway. The traffic light turned green and all the cars seemed to stop, so I started biking. The weird thing was: I didn’t move forward! I don’t know what happened next but I do know that when I opened my eyes I was lying on the groudn with this guy looking really worried. When I asked what happened he said: “Well the car… I pulled, you fell… Are you ok?” And I responded: “Yeah I’m fine… But… what did you say happened again?” Turns out: when I was trying to cross the road, there was a car coming really close with high speed. So that guy – let’s call him LifesaverGuy – pushed me away from the road, saving my life.

Hold on, the most unbelievable part is yet to come. He asked me for my number! He wanted to meet me again. I literally stared at him for like a minute before I responded. (“Uuuhhhhh… Okay”) I haven’t heard from him since (which isn’t weird: you should’ve seen me).

Anyway. I have been telling myself “I’m going to start studying now” for the last two days, and guess who hasn’t started? I have just been doing everything but studying.
One of those things is I taught myself how to read notes to play the piano. I have been playing the piano for almost a year now, but I’ve never taught myself how to read the notes. When you search for “*Insert song title* piano tutorial” on Youtube you can teach yourself the song pretty easily. So now I’m trying to play songs of the music sheets… Let’s just say I need a little more practice. :p

Sleep tight!

One thought on “I almost died”

  1. Oh my god wow so glad you weren’t hurt or anything!! And gosh that guy must have the reflexes of a ninja or something to push you away so fast.
    Plus, it’s cool that you actually try to play the piano. I’ve learned for like several years now and I’m still bad at it :-/

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