Chapter 1

It was forbidden. It was wonderful, but forbidden. Only two years younger, or so he thought. Lying about my age didnt really seem to matter, we were 2,000 miles away. I had never had a long distance relationship before, but after Michael broke my heart I was lonely and sad. Going online to find someone who was looking for the same thing as me seemed like a good idea. I was tired of getting hurt and needed someone to get my mind off of Michael. Looking back on it now it probably wasnt the best idea. Soon after looking for awhile I found Adam. We EXCHANGED EMAILS and started talking there. We sent pictures of ourselves to eachother, and I’ll admit I’m not the prettiest of people, but Adam was nice on the eyes. He definitely did not look like someone who should be looking for a relationship online. Adam and I talked for hours that night; we learned what each other liked and disliked.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, I’m Ryhan . I was born and raised in Nevada. I have wonderful parents who love me and a sister that I am close with. My best friend’s name is Ashley. I never understood why we became friends, we were so different. She was gorgeous; tall, big boobs, nice ass, beautiful face, long blonde hair that reached her butt. While I was nothing close to beautiful and maybe thats why I had all the problems I  had. I’m 5’8 and I have shoulder legnth, red hair that I get from my mom’s SIDE. My body has never been in shape but I have boobs. Maybe me and Ashley were friends because we needed each other. She got us into all the parties and I got us good grades.

I also come with a lot of emotional baggage. Being a suicidal teen and then being raped didnt really suit me well. I have never seen the beautiful in myself, but other always have. That’s why i wasn’t suprised when Adam told me I was very pretty. We liked each other right off the bat. The only sad part was that he was a boy so of course he is going to want sex, what boy doesn’t? The only problem was that I wasn’t ready for anything like that. That is why I lost Michael. I was raped the summer before and the idea of sex made me feel dirty and it brought up all the emotional pain I had just recently got over.

My grandparents rent a HOUSE IN Colorado for the winter so we go up there. I was at a movie with some friends I have up there, and when the movie got out I was waiting for someone to come pick me up when a man grabbed me. I will never forget how his hands felt so rough on my skin, or the way the warmth of his breath sent shivers down my spine. I always tell people I am a virgin, my hymen didnt break so if I tell people I am a virgin then I never have to talk about it. But with Adam it was different, I trusted him. I wanted him to know every part of me. So I told him about me getting raped. We were now texting because I had lost my email due to technical issues. After I told him that I was raped, I said, “I know I come broken and nearly impossible to fix.”

He said, “Well its a good thing I’m great with Legos”

Right then and there is when i knew, I had to make this boy mine


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