Chapter 2

I don’t get out much, but when I do I try to make the most of it. I am not a girly girl but I go shopping with Ashley a lot. I tell Ashley everything so when I told her about Adam I thought it would come across easier if i just said he was my boyfriend. We were at the mall and we were about to leave so we stopped at the food court to get some pretzles. While we were sitting at the table i decidied to tell her about Adam.

“Hey Ash, I need to tell you something.”

“What is it Ryh?” she said with concern in her voice.

“I kind of have a bouyfriend…”

“You what?” she yelled loud enough so people on the other side of the mall couls hear her.

“He lives in Massachsets.”

“As in on the other side of the country?”

“Yea..” I let my voice trail off.

“Well then I ned to meet him!” she said excitedly.

We got back to my house and I texted Adam

Hey do you want to skype?


I have a friend here is that ok?

Yea that’s fine cutie!

Um.. one more thing. I told her we were dating..

We skyped for a long time that night. Ashley fell asleep but i kept talking to him.

“So we’re dating now?” he asked me in a sly voice.

“Adam, is this you trying to ask me out?”

“So what if it is?”

“Well I think I would really like that.”

“Okay then it’s settled, you are my girlfriend.”

“Well if you don’t want a very cranky girlfriend then I’m going to need to get some sleep.”

“Okay goodnight love.”


It all sounds so perfect when I actually put it into words; and maybe it was perfect. Pretty soon it would become the most beautiful thing in the world.


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  1. Happy that you found a person who is good to you dreamtowrite, and you actually write really well! So keep writing and I’m sure you’ll be a great writer in no time 🙂

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