Day 7: The puppy

Hello friends,

Today was another good work day.  Short shift but not wasted.  Got a lot done.

Tonight I went to see my boyfriend’s new puppy.  She’s a gorgeous little german shepard.  Her name is Penta.  Not sure yet why he named her that.  Forgot to ask.

My mind fails me tonight.  I am slipping.  having a hard time keeping it on a positive feed.  Trying to find peace.  I think tonight I will meditate.  I need to add that to my schedule.

Staying on decent track of my diet.  Not gunna see any change yet but I know I will soon.  I will check next week if there is change.  Goal is ten pounds. Big goal is 50 but I gunna start small.

(Update about 10 or so mins later: I meditated….I feel amazing now.  Def putting this in my schedule)

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