Heritage Walk for a School Group

After a long gap of almost five years I was given a chance to take a group of school children for a Heritage Walk in Shimla. Working with children has always been interesting for me. Till a few years ago, almost every year, a large number of school groups I used to handle. They would come to the hills from the various schools from the plains of North India to participate in the Summer Education Camps, organised for them by the different companies and I was invited to be their chief instructor.

Summer Education Camps are organised at some remote location, away from the hustling cities, in the hills where children are kept away from the modern gadgets, junk food, aerated   drinks and are taught the basics of life. Here the four to six days programs are full of activities, rigorous exercise, visit to the local villages, cultural exchange and much more. The program sounds interesting but they want to quit as soon as possible once they get into it.

The school group that was there with me today, was expected to walk through the full Heritage zone of Shimla. But after going for a kilometre, both the students and the teachers begun to ask, how far we had to go. That was irritating but somehow they finished the walk and the organiser came to me to pay my fee.

The day was over and I walked home to write this page of my diary.

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