Jan 7th, 2015 (AKA ahhh!)

This is gonna have to be quick because I left this slightly too late!

So I tried exercising properly for the first time this holidays.  It.  Was.  A.  Nightmare!  Like my goodness is it painful!  I was using my dad’s cross trainer and I don’t know what went on but my right back/shoulder/thing has been aching for a while now and it just stung so bad.  I didn’t stop because of my legs, I stopped because of my arm/neck/thing!  (Also my lungs but we’re just gonna ignore my unfitness…)

Last night I had a dream and most of it was just walking around a bunch of shops with a few friends.  But at one point I remember seeing my old sort of friend sort of more but never quite friend Ben.  I met him at the end of 2013 at a friends Halloween party, and we were talking for a while (mostly awkward-sexually)(15 year old me is an embarrassment) and then we stopped.  Until I saw him again at the same friends birthday party, and after the party I was sleeping at her place, and he texted her asking for my number.  And since then we would text during school and sometimes it’d get slightly sexual and one time I think he proposed an actual relationship??  But I never found out.  Mostly he was just a funny friend that I liked talking to.
But around August/September, we stopped talking.  I’ve really missed him.  He texted me a couple of times since then and honestly I regret not responding the first time.  The second time was fine until he tried to get sexual again.  Since then we haven’t talked.  I’d kind of forgotten about it until last night, but I haven’t stopped thinking about him today.  I was considering inviting him to my party since I consider him to be one of my closest friends through the year, but I’m too nervous that it wouldn’t go well.
Oh well.

My party planning is terrifying!  When did the world get so expensive!!!!!!!

-Upbeat bad pop music.  I’ve said this before but it’s so good for working out.  Things like Black Widow and Jai Ho, so pumpy!
-Cake shops that show their prices!  Even if those prices are over $100…
-Pigs!  I didn’t see one today or anything but oh my goodness they’re so cute and squishy and yeeeee I want like 52 tomorrow please!!!!

That’s it for today.  The lunch that was being organised was cancelled so stay tuned for a day in which I actually leave my house!
Happy tomorrow my loveliest 🙂 🙂

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