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So first things first: I cut my hair yesterday! Now it’s a little bit below my shoulders. It feels kind of strange to not have the really long hair to brush through but it’ll grow back in a while so meh whatever. Unless I get some incurable disease and I lose all my hair, which, you know, could happen, but then again it probably won’t, unless.

Anyway. Yesterday my teacher asked us a question: Which is a right angle…We had this kind of half-hearted discussion with her about it. I didn’t raise my hand (typical) but I was really thinking hard about it. Like, a right angle is a ninety degree angle–an L. But a backward L is also a right angle. People tend to turn toward the left when they walk, but most people are right-handed. I think that a right angle can be considered an opinion that most people have and consider correct, if ‘right’ means ‘correct’ in this question. The fact that people turn toward the left more often than the right does not mean that turning to the left is RIGHT, it is simply an unconscious habit or an action that most people have/do. If I turned to the right but everyone else turned left, I might be considered wrong, but according to my own thoughts I am right. If I was a leftie instead of right-handed there might be people who try to convert me to right-handedness (because, you know, people used to think that left-handed people were devils) but that wouldn’t mean that they would be right–but neither would they be wrong. A right angle, in my opinion, means something that most people do and think is normal. When most people think of a right angle they think of an L, which is correct, but most people don’t consider a backward L to be one unless you point it out to them. They don’t think a backward one is WRONG exactly but they mostly unconsciously think of an L when they hear the words ‘right angle’. Therefore a ‘right’ angle as a ‘correct’ point of view can be defined a million different ways by a million people, because many of our individual opinions are our own, except for religious, political and cultural views that are defined by where we live and who lives around us and influences us the most and the opinions that are mainstream where we are.

Was that a bit too wordy? I know it’s really messy and kind of sort of doesn’t really make a ton of sense, but I was really excited when I was thinking about it. I’m no philosopher, and it’s hard to think about all these ‘endless’ questions. Miss J told us that we should think DEEPER and outside the box because so many things are just devastatingly ENDLESS like that, and I guess she’s right. Never stop thinking about this even though it kind of makes your head dizzy and swirly, right? Like, in the case of the ‘chicken and the egg’ thing, I would totally argue that the egg came first. Why? Well, it would be too long to write down (plus I don’t want to write another argument that goes nowhere). And if you got me started on how stupid Twilight is, well, I could go on for DAYS and never back down until I fell over from exhaustion. Seriously. I’m starting to think I could be a good thinker if I thought a little more. I could be the best thinkingist thinker in this whole thinking town if I really try to think.

Anyway, today I’m feeling pretty good, even though the smog in this city is still pretty bad. Today I read this article about how looking at smartphones is bad for your sleep or whatever, and in the comments this person said that the biggest problem wasn’t not getting enough sleep, but that kids would turn into ‘narcissitic self-righteous entitled duck-face making selfie taking hipster arrogant clueless bandwagon punk kid[s]’ if they looked at smartphones too long. Which was hilarious because I know a ton of people my age are SO stupid now, they don’t do ANYTHING but look at their phone ALL DAY. Go do something else with your time dudes…at least for an hour a day, put your magic entertainment box DOWN and look at THE REAL WORLD. Seriously.

But haha, not going to lie, I love my iPhone too.

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  1. Sorry :-/ Hehe, I guess that’s what happens when you read about endless questions like these though!

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