Jan 8th, 2015 (AKA wrestling)

Wrestling has sort of consumed my life today.
Zach introduced me to one, Kharma/Amazing Kong.  She is just the coolest.  She’s so strong and fast and will destroy you and everything you love so easily ugh I just love her.  Plus, the person who plays her (Kia Stevens) is hilarious!  She’s got the best stories and is so genuinely funny and loves what she does with such a passion!  I have not stopped watching videos of her all day!

Also I cooked dinner again, very successfully this time!  I made chicken korma and the rice was a little watery and I was extremely stressed out the whole time because of the constant stream of stuff I had to do but I got it done and it was awesome!  So tasty and I cut up the chilli so it was hotter than it would’ve been and it was so good!!!!!

I am currently in a racism debate this is not good I am getting angry WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THAT CASUAL RACISM IS OK????????  LIKE WHAT????????????????????????

Ugh, anyway, apparently I’m going to a party tomorrow??  I don’t know when that happened but there’s going to be about 25 people there and a pool and I love all the people so that should be fun.  It’ll be nice to actually do something this holidays 😛

-Pro wrestling.  It’s such a cool sport, and while I have issues with the fact that the women’s wrestling side is generally weak and there aren’t many that actually excite me, I absolutely love it all still
-Awesome Kong/Kharma/Kia Stevens.  What a baller.
-Imagination.  I had this really weird in depth dream last night and when I woke up I just lay in bed continuing the story on and making it so cool I loved it!!!

If I don’t write tomorrow it’s because I partied too hard and needed to sleep, but there will be a dot point sum up the next day if I don’t!
Happy tomorrow my stars 🙂 🙂

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