Have I ever said that I am a complete movie fanatic? I can’t remember. But anyway, I truly love movies, and one of the goals that I wrote under my phone’s notes is to watch a thousand full-length films. I’ve already watched 515 + movies–could be more, because I only started making the list after I watched a lot of them, so some of the boring/bad ones or the ones that were in Chinese when I couldn’t understand Chinese all that well have been forgotten. At first when I started watching movies I would just watch anything that was on the movie channel. Of course, then I couldn’t understand Chinese and I kept having to either guess the main plot or ask my mom “what’s happening now?” like every few minutes. As time went on I became pickier about the genres, because of all the terrible movies of a particular genre that I watched that totally turned me off.

Mostly, I hate romance movies. They’re all really fake and insipid and predictable and slow. Not to say that all romance movies are bad–just most of them. I can’t understand why anyone would say a movie like The Notebook is good, because it’s not. Period. It’s an awful mess of mushy gushy lovey dovey vomit that goes on and on for like more than an hour or something. I don’t know how long it is. But after you watch more than like five mainstream romance movies, you can pretty much guess the plot of all of them. They all involve one or more of the following: 1. A perfect, handsome, rich, sweet guy and a perfect, beautiful, rich, sweet girl, neither of whom need to go to work or school and spend all day doing coupley stuff; 2. A perfect, handsome, rich, sweet guy and a mediocre, poor-to-average, ok, plain-as-pudding girl who somehow mysteriously gets the former to fall madly in love with her (Which is like all the Cinderellas in the world); 3. A mediocre, poor-to-average, ok, kind of dopey guy and a perfect, beautiful, rich, sweet girl who, for some unknown reason, falls in love with said dopey guy; 4. Some really great/perfect guy who falls in love with this really weird, strange, odd, quirky, awkward girl for like no reason other than because she looks so *cute* when she trips over her own feet. Or, they involve rich jealous exes, loud and rambunctious best friends who provide some comedic relief, or just, you know, some other fake 2D characters. Plus, what the hell is wrong with all of those lovers in movies that run and hug and kiss IN THE POURING RAIN. Like what the hell is with the weather. You’d think that they all lived in a very rainy state or that they were all stupid enough not to BRING AN UMBRELLA when they went out. Or just, you know, they didn’t think to just NOT GO OUT IN THE POURING RAIN because it is STUPID to do so.

Also. Horror and sci-fi are mostly kind of dumb too. Horror is kind of pointless because you’ve seen one gory bloodbath of a film, you’ve seen ’em all, although some horror movies are still pretty good; sci-fi is kind of crazy because most of the time it doesn’t make any sense at all. Westerns are just meh, and action movies are also a little bit pointless because most of them have no plot at all. Comedy is, well, ok I guess, but I hate it when the ‘comedy’ involves really disgusting adult jokes. So yeah, lots of movies are actually really dumb or they have tons of loopholes. Still won’t stop me from watching them though–I mean I still love movies. There are still a bunch of films out there that are worth watching.

So yeah, some of my favorite movies are (not in any order): 1. Frozen; 2. Anything Pixar; 3. 500 Days of Summer (even though it has love stuff in it); 4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone; 5. Looper; 6. Spirited Away; 7. The Color Purple; 8. The Wizard of Oz. Plus like tons more but the Pixar movies count as like more than ten anyway.

Also. I don’t really watch any TV series. I watched all three seasons of Lie to Me, which was pretty interesting because Lightman is such a badass; Bones used to be one of my mom’s favorites; I used to watch House with my sister, and The Simpsons is always good for a laugh. Gossip Girl was kind of too messed-up for me. Personally, I really like watching series, but so many of them are just really fake. Maybe I should try out a couple different ones sometime?

Anyway, today my day has been mediocre. I was kind of riled-up and angry in the morning because of my dad and his unstable emotions and the past stupid as f*ck decisions he made that my mom told me about today, but I mostly got over it and now it’s almost time for lunch. It’s sunny today, which is always a good thing, but I really wish the weather would just hurry up and SNOW already. God. Winter isn’t winter without snow, unless you’re in Australia. I keep feeling like my winter is missing something without at least SOME snow. The later it gets, though, the less likely it’s going to snow here. I suppose this might be my first ever winter without snow, which is sad. Oh well. Have a great day anyway, guys–



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  1. Hehe, Big Hero sounds really cute and I love Mockingjay–or rather, I love Katniss!
    And SleepTight, I love fantasy, especially when it involves pretty, colorful scenes and has some sense to it. Like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, all that stuff.

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