Yay! Today is finally Friday! Had two classes in the morning and then I was free for the afternoon.

I bought a forty-page sketchbook in the afternoon. Not really sure whether I’m going to try to draw (‘try’ being the operative word) realistic stuff or just my normal, skinny, strange, cartoonish people. When I try to draw real stuff, it ends up looking all flat and ugly and fake. When I draw my ‘normal’ people, they have big heads, huge slanted eyes with black panda circles around them, messy hair (usually with bangs), tiny noses and mouths, and really skinny bodies. And mostly blank expressions. So kind of weird. I know no one will ever like any of my drawings but me but I really like drawing them. I don’t know. Just comforting to concentrate and really try to draw something.

Doesn’t seem like there’s really anything to say today. Hmm. Listening to Lorde’s album Pure Heroine and Blank Space and some other older songs on repeat doesn’t seem like much. I can stay up late today but even if I do, I’m not really sure what I’ll actually DO. Just like, watch a few more episodes of The Simpsons maybe, or try out some more music videos to see if I like them.

Incidentally, does anyone know where I got my username? There was a romantic comedy-drama film made in 1986 called Pretty in Pink, starring Molly Ringwald. I’ve never actually watched it, but it’s a cult favorite. I don’t actually wear much pink–actually, I don’t think there’s anything really pink in my wardrobe. I like to wear black, blue, grey and white. But my mom doesn’t want me to wear too much black because it’s not like a ‘happy color’ or anything.

I’ve been thinking of buying a tablet or an iPad or something. Today I looked at the prices in the store and the 16 GB iPad mini was like 1798 RMB, which is maybe $260+ dollars? Maybe I should just get a cheaper one from a different brand. I don’t know. I’ve never bought a phone or anything by myself before. I guess I should look up prices and stuff online before I buy one.

I guess that’s it for today. Nothing much else to say. Have a happy Friday and a happy weekend guys!

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  1. I think tablets are awesome! I personally have an older Samsung tablet, and it’s works great! (and is a lot cheaper than an iPad)
    Happy Friday/weekend to you too =)

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