Thank god it’s Friday! I’m exhausted! I have been stressing all week long and it has taken it’s toll, haha.

I’m constantly torn between being healthy, sporting etc etc and eating candy, chocolate, doing nothing, sleeping and so on. On the one side: I want to be healthy and fit! It has so many benefits, main reasons being that you look and feel better. On the other side: I would rather watch another episode of the serie I’m watching than go do a workout. And I’d rather eat another candy than get a banana. I started the year with “I’m going to do something sporty at least once everyday! If I don’t sport I’ll do a workout!”. I did that! For like 4 days… Since school started I haven’t done it anymore. Am I the only one with this problem? :$ ( I feel so lazy now, hehe)

This weekend is probably going to be so boring to read, because I’m going to study study study study study. And I’m probably going to complain about it. SO I’M REALLY SORRY.

I hate studying, but I love learning. A lot of my friends don’t like any kind of learning they have to do anything for, but I do! If I don’t have anything to do I will sometimes just do research on something that interests me. A lot of the time it’s something kindof biology-ish. I like to look things up about people (or other living creatures), the way something works etc. I just love the feeling of understanding someone (anyone) and some/anything.

But I don’t like it when I’m forced to do it. :p

Take care and sleep tight. =)

ps. Did anyone else notice that emojis look so much happier than internet smileys? 😮

2 thoughts on “TGIF”

  1. I can totally understand your fitness resolution! Like once I watched this show about how you grow taller by running, so I spent a few days running like crazy on the treadmill, and then I got lazy and I stopped :-/ I keep telling myself that ‘this time I’m REALLY going to keep exercising’ but it never works out.
    Plus, it’s true that it’s so much funner to learn without other people forcing you to. Learning is actually really great! It’s mainly homework that sucks.

  2. Yes!! I always tell myself the same thing! Hahaha

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