Entry 1: Friendship

To put it simply, I need new friends. My older friends are forgetting me, my newer ones aren’t that close with me even though we’ve known each other for a bit. Everytime I try to make friends, it doesn’t seem to work out. Maybe I’m just not good at conversations. I feel terrible around my current friends, it is very awkward because no one says anything anymore. We all used to talk about everything, but now we all just kind of stare at each other in an uncomfortable silence. My friends have other people they are so happy around and it makes me a bit upset that I can’t make them happy like that. I wish I had better social skills, then I would have more than a couple friends, and actually have friends who like spending time with me. Or I could just stick to be alone again, but last time it was a miserable experience only hearing my own voice all of the time. I am aware at this point my friends don’t like hanging around me that much, they have literally said it themselves that I am boring, negative, and awkward. Oh well, at least writing it down feels better than stewing in these sad truths.

2 thoughts on “Entry 1: Friendship”

  1. Hey we can be friends 🙂 My name is Lovell. Currently, my 1st entry was private. But I’ll try to write another entry for public to read. 🙂 Keep smilin!

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