Milling around.

Yesterday I had a bit of a lazy day, just hung around my holiday house, it was cold and raining so everyone stayed inside. However I did go out to dinner with parents and friends which was good and bad. The good part was the restaurant we went to, The Mill, great service, great food and great music! The bad part was the company. I was stuck down the end of the table with 2 of the most boring people ever, one doesn’t talk and one only talks about herself, even worse she doesn’t even talk about herself to me, only to the silent guy because she has the hots for him! Luckily for me I was able to bow out of the evening early claiming to have a shocking headache, which turned out to be great as at home waiting was a present handmade for me by my cousins and sister and the world’s best brownies!

However, later in the night, after the other returned home (I picked them up) I did have fun. We played kids charades which was pretty funny, I highly recommend playing it with your intoxicated friends, there were some very odd interpretations of certain things such as a balloon or taking a bath. It was hilarious!

One a side note, I do this thing were you have 60 seconds to write something relating to a particular prompt word, I would like to share these (and will put them at the end of my posts) and would love to hear what other people would write. Today’s word was soar. Here was my 60 second piece:

‘I was soaring high. My grades were on track (A+ for nearly all my subjects), I was dating the quarterback, a.k.a the hottest guy in school and the former most eligible bachelor and I was ecstatic!’

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