Random chatter regarding people….

As for today,…It was a strange day all together and it seemed to have flown by. Maybe its me but folks i communicate with often, have been behaving even more so oddly. Some folks too, have been quite ignorant, clicky, rude or pompous. Amazing how strong an ego can be.

And to note: Everyday I see a lot more heartless attitudes and lack of respect or appreciation. It just seems there is so little compassion these days and so little loyalty. Its almost as if everyone or a majority of folks have an intent with everything they do for someone. As if to say, “well what will I get out of it.” Not because, “I just want to help because I know you need some help.” These are grown adults, not teenagers.

And then we have family; family that are only around when they need something or want to use you for a moment because you fit in with their temporary need. These are usually the one’s who could careless how much they hurt other people.

Crazy! A world gone mad, really. Even current events, local or global, are getting worse and worse everyday. I wonder what the world will be like in 10 years. I can’t see a resolution on much of anything, but still in high hopes something will give, something positive will make a break through for the human race. 

Time to log off – until tomorrow.

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  1. Hmm. I can totally relate to the family part, because I have awful relatives who do the exact thing to my dad. They come up to him with fake as hell smiles and just hold their hands out for stuff, for stupid reasons.

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