The 1st Bomb Threat

Well I was in study hall at the time just relaxing and listening to my I-pod just then we heard the Walkie-talkie go off and said “We’ve got a bomb threat” plus it was raining outside which is why all the girls didn’t want to be in the rain either and I’m just like “oh yea someone is trying to get out of school the terrible way” then we were all just walking out to the Foot – Track stadium waiting for the buses to come get us for which they did and took all of us to the middle school and then it got on the news it was that bad. Just knowing that society is terrible and sometimes even not that bad if you get through the pain even though somethings just make your life fun and better in some ways. Then we just got home and that was the end of the school day for us. Next 3 – 5 days we catch the guy who did it and man is he gone within a day for doing this. I guess some people don’t have the nerve to want to be here and learn about society and all that so just hoping that some people learn from all this. Now we are graduates and that’s all that matters in life.

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