Continued from 1/10/14

So as if trying to maintain and work a sober and honest program to the best of my ability isn’t a daily struggle on its own, I also still have to deal with whatever else life is going to throw at me. I’m not the only one, I’m not a special case, this is real life. A life that I want and a life that I am working really hard at keeping and being proud of.  I miss my Grandfather deeply, he was an amazing man but I look at things differently now. The way I see it, our family was blessed to have such a person in our lives. There were so many good times and memories that will always stay with me, that will always put a smile on my face and that will always bring me peace. He loved us just as much and always wore his emotions on his sleeve. He was a man’s man, afraid of nothing and had you laughing at almost all times. So yeah, I feel so grateful that he was a part of our lives.  TO BE CONTINUED

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