I’ll try

My mom told me that I should be happy with what I have rather than dwell on stuff I don’t have. She says that I chose to make myself depressed because I love to be sad. At first I completely rebuked and disagreed with her, but now that I reflect, she is right (in a way). I definitely dwell on stuff I don’t have and get jealous of others so easily. I have an awesome life compared to others. Sure, I don’t have friends, but I do have people that care about me like my family and I am getting such a good education. I could be a person living in poverty without parents but I’m not. I often forget how bad others have it.

So, just for my mother, even though she has oppressed me so much and has been one of the sources of my depression, I will try to be happy. I will try to not harbor jealous thoughts and actually appreciate what I have. I will try to be the perfect daughter she always wants me to be.

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