Jeff Ecklund

By Pastor Jeff Ecklund

God has good things ahead!

Psalms 16:1
His lines for me have fallen in pleasant places.

Turn into whatever the Lord is doing for you right now.

Making Room
2 Kings 4:8-10

-When Elisha showed up, that was God showing up.
-Sometimes, when we feel God’s presence, we walk away without application or change. =Jesus Goosebumps

1. Possessions did not distract her.
-We are created in the image of God. We have an emptiness that only the Lord can fill. Without God we will not be content.
-Become sensitive to God’s whisper

2. She recognized the working of God in her life.
-God wants such an intimate relationship with us that we begin to look like Him. That begins when you recognize God moving in your life.
-Make room for God to move in your life.
-She asked to make a room on the roof which would change the shape of the home, that even the neighbors would notice.
-Our witness should be observable.
-A transformation can only happen through an intimate relationship with God.
-We follow Jesus, we dont ask Him to follow us.
-The major battle is in our head. We need a transformation. Extend yourself.

Breaking down the scripture:
Room=Speaks of priority
Bed=Resting place for God
Chair=Meditate strategically making room and plans
Lamp=Illumination-fresh creative thoughts

3. She made room
2 Kings 4
-Make room for God to move on your behalf.
Our lives are empty without the Lord.
-She had a place to go in her time of difficulty because she made room for Him.
-When people go though things and haven’t made room for God, they often ask “Where are you God?”

When we make room for God He c an come in and make you full of life. He can make your empty places fruitful.

If you are already a believer you made need to do some remodeling.

Will you make room in your life for our Lord and Savior?

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