The unexpected will always happen, its how you chose to deal with it

2014 was one of my toughest years yet in my 34 years. I was in a horrible, nasty and hopeless state. I thought I had no way out, no way of getting better, and no way of having a life again. I was drinking myself into oblivion from the time I woke up until the time I passed out, which was never early. I had no hope, all I had was fear. Luckily a few years prior I had gotten myself into some trouble with the law, I had been caught selling drugs and was facing five years in prison. I say “luckily” because the prosecutors offered me a deal of five years in a program called Drug Court instead of prison, a deal which would save my life. This is a strict program where you usually go to rehab and then a halfway house to work on your problems and yourself. You really have to want to get better for the program to help you. Some people think it’s a set up for you to mess up and go right back to jail, but not me. I grabbed onto it like it was a life raft. I embraced it with all I had. I wanted a life, another chance, I didn’t want to die, especially to drugs and alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, Drug Court is very demanding. It’s one of the hardest things I have done so far in my life and I still have a ways to go with it, but just watching people like me and or worse than me be successful at it and graduate is one of the most beautiful and heart warming experiences I’ve ever seen. -Now comes something just as serious…. About maybe two weeks of me entering the halfway house, I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis. I had no idea what it was, all I knew was it wasn’t good and all of my family and friends lived two hours away. I was scared and even though I was in a house with almost thirty women, I felt so alone. And if that wasn’t enough, about a week later my Grandfather passed unexpectedly. TO BE CONTINUED…..

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