Blog Wars

I have two other blog websites that I go to. One of them I have been there for 7 years nows and even have the ability to delete any blog that is spam related. Some people there, don’t seem to like it there, so they moved on to another place. I admit, I had followed to the other place and I love it…but still use the other one as well because it’s like an old t-shirt that you just can’t throw out.

However, I bounce back and forth to both places and I see one talking trash about the other because had gotten banned and/or suspended from the blogging website for not following the blogging TOS and rules….yet they feel that did nothing wrong. People writing nasty things about the bloggers and even the website owners. It’s way out of hand.

If you don’t follow the rules of the website, you will get banned or suspended. How hard is that to understand? It’s not! But some fail to believe that they did nothing wrong.

I won’t talk about it on either one of those blogging websites because it would open up another can of worms. I keep to myself when the drama starts at those places. But just because I don’t get involved with their nasty comments and blog posts about these blog sites and/or blog users…but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know what’s going on….

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