Jan 12, 11:00am

Did Pineal Gland activation. I was very sleepy by the time I finished yoga and I thought it would be difficult to meditate, but actually I was curiously awake and sleepy at the same time during today’s session. I am starting to do my own “guided meditation” breathing monologue in my head, talking about how exciting breathing is. It kinda cracks me up but it works. Of course then I veered off into a lot of long distractions, but at least I was awake. I naturally fell into deeper breathing and it kinda made me high and sleepy. I also had a lot of random memories from the past pop up very briefly, mostly just buildings and places in Ohio, nothing with any emotional significance. Just witnessed them and moved on.

DISTRACTIONS: future newspaper article about the TPP, starting a chromotherapy practice, making a chromotherapy light, sewing orgone pillows

CRYSTALS: red agate (3rd eye), labradorite, moss agate

EARWORM: “Christine, she’s a strawberry girl!”

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