Going Through A Hard Time

So lately i’ve been going through a hard time because im really worried about my grandpa due to fact he is dying from brain cancer and has a couple months to live if that. My hubby chris has been there for me through this whole thing which im really grateful for thank you my love. You see it started a lil after my 19th birthday when i called my grandpa while me and my hubby at that time were volunteering for the hygiene center and while i was on the phone with my grandpa he happened to tell me about the short vacation him and my grandma were about to take which was to Oregon. It was going to probably be there last because he had lung cancer back in January (if i remember correctly) then he beat that and when he went back to see if it was gone the doctors said he had brain cancer and there was nothing they could do about it. Well because my grandpa got so sick and started losing alot of weight he was told by the doctors that in case something happens to him they want him to be at least near home. So my grandpa wanted to take one last trip in that matter. So anyway my grandpa offered me and my hubby to watch there house (where i grew up all my life) while they were gone. At first after what had happened back in August i wasnt so sure about it but then after my grandpa talked to my grandma about it and she told my grandpa she wanted us to because she trusted us alot me and my hubby agreed to. So anyway in November (i think the 6th) we went over to my grandparents house and the next day they left for Oregon. We had a very fun time watching the house as well. When they came back (i think the 13th) we went back to the SOS shelter (where me and my hubby lived). The next day I talked to my hubby and we decided to go back to my grandparents so my grandpa picked us up at the library when it closed. At first it was because i was cold but real reason was because I was worried about my grandparents. So anyway everything was going good until December. My grandpa had gotten this infection near his heart and it got so worse that one night on the first week of December while my hubby helped my grandpa out i texted my aunt who was a certified nurse and asked her what to do because he was so sick. She told me call 911 right now. So my grandma called 911 the ambulance came and so did my uncle and my aunt whom took my grandma in there vehicle to the hospital. I was told later that night if we didnt get my grandpa to the hospital he would have died that night. I broke down crying in front of my hubby heart aching about what i just heard. My grandma was at the hospital with my grandpa from i think bout 11ish pm to near 4am. My grandpa was in there for a week then came home. Everything seemed fine again until my grandma got sick the day before christmas. The day after christmas my grandma went to the hospital for pneumonia and influenza type A. Couple days after my grandma was in the hospital my grandpa went in for the same thing and once again i was told if he didnt go he might have died. Well my grandpa came home before new years but my grandma went to the nursing home for awhile. She just came home this past Friday. Ive been going through so much with my grandparents and every night i stay up really late because im really worried about them. I want to give my hubby a huge thank you for everything he has done and help me get through i honestly am so grateful your here my love. I pray every day my grandpa gets taken out of pain soon. He has Stage 4 brain cancer and has only a couple months if that to live.

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