So today was a pretty meh and okay day, besides the fact that it’s really cold outside and I’m still slightly sick. Let me tell you, when you’re sick, one of the LAST things you want to do is walk outside in the wind for five minutes, stop for a minute in a warm classroom, and then turn around and walk all the five minutes back to your house. Which is exactly what I did this afternoon. I went to class and the moment I was pulling my seat out to sit down, my group-mate A told me that our teacher J is ill today and wouldn’t be coming. So after like a second of making a thefuck face I just turned around and came all the way back. It was really annoying. I was kind of even looking forward to class because we were supposed to perform this skit with our group, and I wanted to see how prepared the two boys in my group were (the answer is probably, not at all prepped).

Anyway yeah, I’m going on a trip to a different province during Chinese New Year break. Won’t say exactly which province it is (one reason is because you wouldn’t know if I told you) but it’s a southern one and it’ll be warm. We have to go there for something about our Visas or whatever. I’m looking forward to like buying some souveniers or a new backpack or some jewelry or something. And taking tons of pictures for my older sister.

Today I decided to keep drawing my strange cartoonish people–I mean girls, I can’t draw boys unless they happen to look like girls with short hair–and waste my new sketchbook drawing them, instead of drawing realistic stuff, because I can’t draw real things anyway and it would be even more of a waste of my pad to try. They look really nice after I tamper with the lighting and all that on my phone–I’m not even exaggerating for once.

I’m still seriously thinking of buying a tablet. I looked up the iPads, iPad minis, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and the Kindle Fire (I couldn’t find a Wikipedia page on any of the Lenovo tablets), and I’ve already ruled out the iPads and the Kindles, because an iPad is extravagantly, insanely expensive (of course, that’s only to a poor student like me) and, while the Kindle Fire is said to have really beautiful colors, the apps are kind of limited. So I’ve decided to either get an iPad mini 1 or 2, or a Galaxy Tab, OR possibly a Lenovo tablet, as those are the cheapest. I’m not sure about the Lenovos because they’re really cheap, which might signify that they have bad quality or whatever. I mean at least if I buy an iPad mini or a Galaxy Tab I can have some security in knowing the the quality is ok. It’s just that the Galaxy is said (on Wikipedia) to have a dull screen and colors. I don’t even know if that’s true, or how it’ll actually affect me, so. Mom said that she would be willing to split the bill with me, because she actually supports the idea of buying one. Anyway. I’ll just keep reading customer reviews and summaries of the pros and cons of each tablet before I finally decide on which one to buy (if I DO decide, and I might not, because I am a little bit stingy and VERY indecisive).

I’ve been writing to my sister, and it’s made me much more comforted to know that at least SHE understands how I feel. Normally when I write to her, I also write down what my mother would like to say, as my mom cannot type. I created a Yahoo! email account for my mother (which is currently the email that is registered with this journal) under a fake name and age, but it turned out to be kind of hard to use because then, I was using a rather old laptop that had not been updated. Now, it’s my ‘whatever’ email–It receives the emails that I would prefer not to clutter my normal email with. I also have a third email, which is actually the FIRST one I made, but I can’t use it because Gmail is blocked here (ugh!)

ANYWAY. That’s it for today. I should probably not stay on the computer for too long, now that my dad is home. So have a great day everyone!



2 thoughts on “Meh”

  1. Get well soon!
    I’ve heard some stories about the Lenovo that don’t really suggest they’re good. My friend had gotten one for her birthday last year and after two weeks (not joking) it was broken. She called the company and they promised that if she would send it they would make it or give her a new one. They would send her the adress. What they didn’t say is that it had to be send to the other side of the continent. She sent it anyway (35 euros shipping costs!!) and never got a response. Of course she called again and they said they had received it, but they wouldn’t be able to make it. They denied to have ever said that they would send her a new one if the other one was broken. Long story short: crappy tablet, crappy service.

    And it’s nice to hear that you’re having good contact with your sister! 🙂

  2. Thanks SleepTight, I feel much better today!
    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that I won’t buy a Lenovo. So I’ll probably still go with iPad or Samsung.
    And thanks again, it feels really nice to talk to her.

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