A Busy Week

A week of running around and found no time to write even a page. It was on 9th when Mr. Kul Rajiv Pant, an eminent poet from Shimla called me and said if I am interested in going to Kullu to participate in a poetic symposium. How could I say know? So he provided me the contact number of Mr. Satish Ratan, another poet, who was actually going there and wanted Mr. Pant to accompany him. Pant sahib recommended my name as he was too busy to go there, and I got a chance to visit Kullu.

It was a good get together of some eminent hindi poets and I had a good chance to meet all of them. Mr. Satish Ratan offered me to go with him in his car that I accepted. A long and tiring drive on the bumpy hill roads but through a stunning landscape took us to Kullu in 6 six hours. We stayed at Field Hostel of PWD, that was organized by Satish. He is the Superintendent of Police and works for the Vigilance department in Shimla.

During the function when my name was called and I recited two of my Gazals which were duely appreciated by the crowd. Luckily I have had many chances to learn how to write a Gazal, a form of an Urdu poetry. A Gazal required certain level of techniques and if the poet does not follow the rules of a Gazal it is not considered as a right creation.

Returned after two days and on Monday morning was required to conduct a Heritage Walk for a British family. They were not happy with the arrangement of the sightseeing of the company as all the Heritage buildings and the monuments in Shimla remain closed, so they missed. But I offered them something else, in the outskirts of Shimla, to visit the countryside and the monkey temple.

Next day was another groups and a British couple for Heritage Walk, so I had to outsource Aneesh, a young boy who works for me, casually and has earned a good reputation as a Guide. Next day Shimla received a mild snowfall and the weather remained chilled bringing the temperature as low as zero degree centigrade.

Today, the weather has cleared up. The snow outside has got frozen and become ice. It is still very cold and I am sitting in my quilt, writing this piece of my journal and through the window I can see a monkey jumping to my balcony. He would go away soon when he would not find anything to eat.

As the day advances I will go out to the bank to deposit the rent for my apartment.






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