Yesterday our class got quite a few surprises. K, the most boring and strange foreign teacher we have, admitted that no one cares about his class (surprise number one!) Then, he asked us if we wanted to watch a movie instead of learning about “American Politics”, because no one cares about that. And THEN, after everyone raised their hand, he actually AGREED to show us a movie (surprise number 2–normally, when he asks us if we’d rather watch a movie and we say yes, he’s just like ‘Well not this time’ and successfully trolls us). And THEN he actually did show it, instead of telling us ‘Haha no way just kidding back to politics’ (surprise number three–he’s never actually done this one, but it was still a surprise that he didn’t do it this time). So yeah, we watched K’s favorite movie of all time, which was–TA-DA, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Okay. And then to top it off he gave us a worksheet with actual questions on Raiders. Sigh. I just KNEW there HAD to be a catch when he showed us a movie–I just KNEW it. But whatever, free movie right, the questions weren’t hard anyway.

And then that was basically it. Aside from the cancelled class in the afternoon, the day passed uneventfully. It ended like it normally ends on weekdays–with me watching The Simpsons with my little sister and then going to sleep.

What kind of irritates me is that I have not written a journal with the SHEER AMOUNT OF DETAIL that TryingToStayAnonymous writes with. Like OMG where do you find the TIME and the STAMINA to write all of those tiny little things. It makes me feel somewhat ashamed that I am the one who wants to be a writer, yet I cannot write more than someone who I don’t think has ever said that he wants to be a writer. Maybe this is why I fail so miserably at writing and sticking with and finishing stories? I think it’s more likely to be because I have a rather short attention span, like seriously I get bored easily. I get bored with my own stories all the time, even when I know they would be good if finished. To give you a good example of how attention-deficit I am, here are just a few plots of a few stories among the many stories I trashed:

1. Girl meets green-haired girl witch and embarks on adventures with said witch. (This one was a really early one, nixed a few years ago, and one of the few stories that got to the fifth-chapter mark. Of course, all of those chapters were REALLY BAD).

2. Girl falls into magic mirror given to her by her mysterious aunt and goes on adventures. (Totally unoriginal and nixed after the first chapter).

3. Girl falls into the ocean and is mistaken for the daughter of a long-lost mermaid princess (hinted to be Ariel). (This one was trashed after a chapter or two because it didn’t really make any sense).

4. Girl (you will notice that most/all of my heroines are girls. #Feminist, haha) has to go on an adventure in a steampunk city with only her Shadow by her side. (I tried really hard to continue this one, but it didn’t work out).

5. Prince goes on an adventure with a witch princess who was transformed into a frog. (Cute, with a very sassy princess, but thrown out in the end).


On and on these plotlines go, and more then ninety percent of them (especially the early ones) don’t make any practical sense at all. I’ve had settings in Chinatown, steampunk cities, mermaid cities, magical fairytale cities, future cities, dreams, and magical night gardens. I’ve had girls with the names Hester, Ilana, Charlotte, Ann, Alexis, Malicelia, Alice, Jennifer, Juniper, Angelina…I don’t even remember all of them now. So now you can kind of get how fickle I am with my stories, which is why I trash nearly all of them (some I dig out after a while, if the story was particularly interesting to me). Some great writer I am, huh?

Anyway. I’ll just post this before the power goes out or something and the whole journal is lost. Have a great one guys (even though, of course, you all seem to be asleep when I post)–

Love from yours truly,


3 thoughts on “Surprises”

  1. I like the idea of the girl with the shadow by her side. It seems like it could be a good basis for poetry that tells a story. Do you ever do any poetry?

    I happen to love Raiders of the Lost Arc. I wonder what K did the night before that made him unprepared for class? LOL Anyway, it’s nice to have a little diversion, and who really DOES care about American politics? I know I should but . . . *sigh*

  2. Thanks for commenting TryingToStayAnonymous (god it’s hard to type your username. so long) and anniecat! TTSA, I know what you mean, but I just CANNOT do it. I am incapable of typing E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that happens in my day, even though I do remember. Like you, I think about my day at night, but I don’t have the patience to type it all out. I just can’t even.
    Hehe, K wasn’t unprepared, he just kind of got sick of his own boring subject because no one was really listening. I just don’t care about politics period, because whatever, boring.

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