It’s Wednesday morning, almost 8:00 and my children are both still sleeping. I love getting some time to myself (Quiet time) when I can sit here and think about things without getting interrupted by my silly little monsters. May I add that my kids are both usually up by 6:30-7:00am. My son Bently is just like his father, he stumbles out from his room still sleepy and tells me good morning and asks for a cup of coffee. My daughter, Emma on the other hand is wide awake and ready to go, running around chasing our cat Dixie. So to get this time to myself this “late” in the morning is amazing.

Anyway, I never have time for myself it seems like. I have started reading the bible a lot more now, especially when my children are still sleeping. For those of you who haven’t already gotten the hint by my other posts, I am struggling with depression and an eating disorder…. I have started going to therapy and looking to God for help with my problems. I have decided that I am going to start reading the bible everyday, studying it. My mother in law gave me a wonderful book for Christmas, “Learn the Bible in 30 days”. Yesterday I read about Adam and Eve and their children. I have to say that I knew the story since I was a little girl, but I learned so much from reading my new book and studying the Bible. The fruit represents temptation. Everyone is tempted with something, rather it is cigarettes, drinking, cheating, etc. God knows that temptation is everywhere but he is hoping that you are strong enough and believe that he has something better for you than what the temptation is. Even though Adam and Eve ate the fruit God let them live, he forgave them. He may have sent them out into the rest of the world without a way back to the Garden but he still let them live and let them have a family. This just shows the love he has for us. Even though we sin he still loves us and still has faith in us. I know that I have made some very poor decisions and just like Eve I made up excuses for my sins instead of taking the blame. For those of you who don’t know the story Eve blamed the snake for her eating the fruit from the tree of Knowledge. So from this day on I have decided that I am going to try with all my might to stay away from temptation and but my faith into God and even if I make a poor decision and fall into temptation I will own up for my mistakes to God and take the blame. Because I believe that if Adam and Eve would have been honest and owned up for their mistakes maybe God would have gave them another chance and let them live in the Garden forever like they were supposed to unashamed and happy.

Let God show you the way and do not fall into temptation.

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