What You Realize In College.

When I was younger I always want to write a book. Though I really do not like to read books I really enjoy writing. As of now I’m in my second semester of my second year of college and let me tell you it’s hard. Never in my life did I picture that It would be so frustrating and take so long just do one assignment. Since college started I realized some things, one is that no matter what you do you must never give up or going to college is a waste of time. Two you will sit in a class full of idiots who show up late all the time and distract the class. Ive always been easily distracted so when that happens I get angry. College forces you to have patience, when I first started it was hard to get things done when I was in a rush. I’ve learned to take my time and work accordingly. Always take notes even when there is no power point. What I learned is that you don’t want to miss a thing or you’re going to be looking at your test the next week with question marks in your mind because you do not remember the professor discussing one of the sections on the test. Key to college is to work hard constantly get your degree and then one day you can look back and say I really did it. I finally made something of myself and I did it all by myself.

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