Today, in English, my teacher was telling us how “back in the day,” good men would spread their seed to make more good men. Now, these men were socially, mentally, and physically acceptable. These men did good deeds. These men helped better this country. The only problem I had with that was, good deeds are not genetic. A perfectly well rounded man can have a convict as a child. The parent doesn’t generally create who the child becomes. The child creates who the child becomes. There is only so much a parent can do to better a child as a civil human being.  So, my question is, were these men created the devil’s spawn or were they creating he ones who would save this country from what it is today? I guess, I have my answer.

Malcom X once said that a father isn’t someone who creates a child, but is someone who takes care of that child, who takes care of the woman who gave birth to the child or taking care of the child. I agree. Malcom X wasn’t entirely a sane man. He was irresponsible, obnoxious, rude, and more can be sad but I will hold those words back. He found something that saved him but let it control him. Religion.

Anyway, Malcom turned himself around. He found a religion, stuck to the rules, and let it control him. He had an opinion that wasn’t entirely his. His opinion being that black and white shouldn’t get along but shouldn’t kill each other off. He advocated violence because he wanted revenge for their ancestors. Then, Malcom make a pilgrimage which turned around his opinion on “the white man.” He came back to the U.S. wanting everyone to get along. Being killed for it, his voice was heard. America has mostly moved on to not be racist but it’s still there. It’s in the depth of people’s souls.

He created the devil’s spawn through his words but he also saved us from what we could’ve been.

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