I haven’t written a journal the past two days, even though I really wanted to. The thing is, when my mom came to my room and saw that I was on my laptop instead of studying she took my laptop. Today I got it back because “I needed to look some stuff up”. (aka I really wanted to write). I could have written an entry on my phone, but there would be so many mistakes in it and it would take way too long.

I have had testweek for the past week (with three more days to go: Friday, Monday and Tuesday ) and I’ve been studying so hard (for the first three days… after that I may have given myself some breaks……) On our school, when we have testweeks, it’s serious business. We have about 30+ tests in 7 days (5 or 4 per day). Oh and if you were wondering – no, I don’t have 30+ subjects in school that I follow, I just get 2 tests on some subjects. For example: for history we’ve got a test for one chapter, and for the whole book. For German, we’ve got a speaking test and a grammar-vocab-reading-listening test. Fill the rest in yourself :p

Tomorrow I have a history test (of the whole book :'( ), a biology test, a German test and a geography test. OH BY THE WAY my German speaking test went pretty good! I failed to describe a bicycle (Fahrrad) and mispronounced a couple (okay maybe more than a couple) words but apart from that it went great! I’m now awaiting my mark… 😉

Anyway. I think it would be smart if I return to studying now.

Sleep tight!

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  1. Glad you’re back SleepTight!! And I hope you do well on your tests!!

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