Study Spree

Most normal girls go on shopping sprees. Me–I go on study sprees.

The history behind my infrequent but dangerous study sprees are as follows:

I was enrolled in seventh grade in Guantang County Middle School in late August of 2012. I barely knew how to read and write Chinese, was a little fuzzy when it came to listening to it, and spoke Chinese with a very flat accent. Plus, I was still very shy and very introverted when it came to making friends/socializing in general. I went through my first month very quiet and kind of dazed at being in an ACTUAL school, because I didn’t know the rules to school yet. So when the time came for the first monthly test of the first semester, I was still so fuzzy and dazed that I didn’t pass Chinese and I barely passed math and passed with great scores in English, and got 45th place out of like 280+ students. During the midterm tests, I got 50th place–my Chinese had improved, my math hadn’t, English was the same, and geography, history, biology and politics were all terrible. I was horrified by my abysmal grades and I went on an insane study spree to improve my marks. I spent all my time memorizing facts out of my history book, studying the pictures in my bio textbook, reading and rereading the facts in politics, looking at the maps in geography. I really listened to my crazy chain-smoking math teacher, I really worked hard to memorize my Chinese poems. I barely went online during my study spree–all I did was study. And surprise, surprise, all my hard work paid off and I got first effing place in seventh grade.

Next semester, after I slacked off and got another bad place in the first monthly test of the second semester, I cried and I cried and I got super mad at myself for slacking and, after I pulled myself together (with the help of many tissues) I again went on a study spree and buried myself into homework. Which was why I was one of the top twenty in the rankings of the midterms of the second semester–and, because I hadn’t recovered yet from my study spree, I went on to keep studying and be ranked number five in the last semester test.

Then, in eighth grade, I went on a very long study spree, and I remained in the top twenty during the entire first semester. Until I slacked off yet AGAIN before the first monthly test of the second semester. Like before, I cried and went through several packages of tissues and spent one or two days without eating lunch at school, instead choosing to buy a bottle of a high-sugar, high-energy, high-amount-of-artificial-color, no-nutrients drink and maybe some gum. After I picked my hysterical self up off the floor (thank god I don’t wear makeup, or I would have smeared all my fucking mascara or whatever all over my face while I was crying) I went on my fourth study spree (not the ACTUAL fourth if you count the countless small sprees I went on in elementary), studied like mad, immersed myself in linear equations and whatever the fuck I was learning during the midterms of the second semester of eighth grade, and got back into the top twenty for the midterms and the last Chinese test I would ever take in that school. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the brief history and origin story of Miss _PrettyInBlack_’s study sprees.

Now, I am officially on my fifth study spree. All you need to know is that it has to do with my being homeschooled and kiiiiiind of–okay, REALLY slacking off on my studies. I am now going to only go online to check my emails, my QQ (Chinese instant messaging thing, which is how I chat with my friends) and write this journal, and I will only do some other things like look up steampunk things on the weekends. I just figured that, since I can’t change the fact that I am going to go to high school in China, I better prepare myself well for it.

Anyway. I am currently listening to a hash of KT Tunstall, Lorde, Neon Trees, Owl City, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Paramore, and Tokio Hotel (their new album, Kings of Suburbia, is amazing. Especially Love Who Loves You Back, even though it has some, err, you know, sexual tones to it, and some creepy female laughter at the end of the MV). Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer, looks seriously good when he has long(ish) hair, but not so much with short hair, like in LVLYB’s MV. I don’t know, I guess I just like guys with longer hair–not ponytail-long, just messyish guy bangs long. But I do have the weirdest taste in music–I can listen to a classic jazz song by Frank Sinatra (New York, New York), and then immediately skip to an alternative rock or electronica song (Ready, Set, Go! or Love Who Loves You Back, both Tokio Hotel), and then back to an acoustic rock/blues/country folk song like KT Tunstall’s Made of Glass.

Today was a very okay day, anyway, and I would just like to thank SleepTight, TryingToStayAnonymous, anniecat and anyone else who has ever commented on me, even on my old deleted account (plus, thank you guys for writing such awesome, interesting journals–they have become my essential reading materials every day!) Thank you so much guys–every comment means a lot to me.

Love from your currently studies-obsessed friend,


2 thoughts on “Study Spree”

  1. Aww, I like to read (and comment on) your posts! 🙂

    I actually think it’s so mindblowing that you are actually able to study that long. Personally, I barely can for one week (I try though, which is why I haven’t posted the past two days hehe).

    Good luck with your studying! =)

  2. Thanks SleepTight, and actually I still have loose days, even when I’m on study sprees. I still give myself time to relax so I’m not constantly under pressure to study. And really glad to see that you’re back!!

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