A Dy at Home

It has been a tiring day. I did nothing but except sleeping. Last night was a terrible night. I did not have a sound sleep. Fever kept visiting me. Suddenly I would start feeling cold and shivered in the quilt. And after some time I would feel that the fever has left me. The sleep was disturbed by awful thoughts and nightmares. During the day I had a talk with Ganesh Gani, in Kullu, over the phone. Ganesh is the one who had organized the poetic symposium to which I was invited a few days ago. Before I spoke to him I read the Hindi magazine that he publishes and gives chance to all the new writers. I had found tremendous mistakes in a Gazal written by a writer from Hamirpur. Gazal is a form of Urdu poetry and requires a special technique to write. But that Gazal was completely wrong.  I told Ganesh that it was good that he encourages new writers but those who are writing wrongly should be avoided or be asked to correct their work and then send for publishing. They always can have a Guru to teach them.

Ganesh denied my suggestion and said that we are bound to support the new comers so cannot avoid them. That was embarrassing for me. I could not bear the thought of writing Gazal as wrong. So the thoughts kept disturbing me whole night.

During the day I also send my new written poetry to many magazines. No response has been received till now. The big magazines are too busy to entertain new writers and the small ones publish all the wrong material. It is a struggle. Where do I through all my creations. I want them to come out and let the world read them. I want them to be exposed and let people learn something from them. Life is too tough. Everyone is after materialism and to fight it one has to set some norms in life.

Another day of life is gone. Legs are paining and I am not able to sit for long. So I close here.


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