So…  I missed a week…
It’s hard to write about nothing.  And honestly, not enough has happened to make interesting posts all the time.
But here we go…

-Nothing really
-I’m not kidding, nothings happened
-I mean there’s stuff going on between Ella and Carter that makes me angry
-But you don’t know who they are or their back stories and I’m not about to rag on my friends
-But I will say that this is the reason that people need coed schools
-At least for a bit
-I get that they’re both very very young, but you can’t help but be excited!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m in full swing party mode right now.  My parties on the 19th so it’s superly soon.  The cake (which will be chocolate with pink icing) has been ordered, and I’m getting the food and decorations for it tomorrow.
At this point about 8 people are sleeping over after, and they’re all very cool people so I’m happy.  I told dad this and he said ‘By the way, I don’t mind, if you’re at this point yet, if you and your boyfriend share a bed after the party.’  IT’S SO WEIRD!  BOTH OF MY PARENTS HAVE BEEN WEIRD ABOUT ALL THE SEX STUFF!
His parents are very strict and made him promise not to have sex with me (on the day we had sex too.  I’m not one for breaking promises but he said he crossed his fingers so…) but my dad’s super chill with all of it and the one time mum brought it up was on the bad day so we’re not going to talk about it.

Ugh anyway
So dad got me my own laptop today 😀 😀 😀  It’s kinda shitty but we couldn’t afford one like the one I’d been using before (which is his travel work laptop so he never really used it) but I love it to bits and I know how it works because it’s almost the exact same as my school laptop!
However, while transferring from one computer to another, I wiped my internet history from his computer.  Before changing my email and password for tumblr.  So I tried to log in (MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT HAD IT SAVED AND EVERYTHING!!!) but it wouldn’t let me so I had to create a new account which is frustrating.
(Also just putting it out there, if you want to follow, there’s nothing on it yet because I suck)

THINGS I’M GRATEFUL FOR TODAY (I’ve been keeping this outside of the journal too)
-Pentatonix.  I’m always grateful for Pentatonix.  They’re perfect.
-My dad!!!!  He should be above Pentatonix but I’m listening to them now so it made sense to put them down first idk you know what I mean!
-Acer.  They make shitty laptops for cheap ass prices!!!

I’ll write again when I write again, but forcing myself to write everyday was really stressing me out and I started to think negatively about myself and thinking about judgement and stuff.
So look after yourself dearies
Happy tomorrow (and few days and possibly two weeks) xx
(PS 5 days until I’m 17!!!)

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