Someone out there.

Hi journal. Today is the first time I will be writting so I guess I’ll be getting a few things off my chest hm? Well I’m sixteen years old. I have never had sex, and I’ve never been to a real “party”, kind of sad huh? I guess so. I mean I’m happy not doing any of that stuff but, I just don’t feel normal. Maybe I’m not normal, but is that a bad thing? What is normal anyway? Going out getting drunk? Getting high and doing things you’d regret? I guess it is now adays. The world around me makes me sad. I wish there was a way to change this all, stop the grinding, the music, the dirty thoughts in young childrens minds. I see young girls trying to drink, they look eight Journal. Why is that normal? The cuts on peoples wrists, they are there for no reason. I have no cuts. No scars from self harm. But I’m an outcast. I listen to “dark music”. I refuse to listen to songs about sex. I wear black. I cover myself fully. Why am I the ouctcast, and not the trolls who cover their once beautiful faces in make-up? Why do they ruin themselves? I wear no make-up. Maybe I’m not right. Maybe it’s me who’s wrong. But, maybe its society. We all need to look inside oursevles, and let it all out. Well I guess that’s it journal, good-bye for now.


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  1. Hey woah full stop, you ARE normal, okay. Who cares if you’ve never had sex (that is nothing to be ashamed of, at any age). Who cares if you’ve never gone to a ‘real’ party, if ‘real’ parties are full of drinking, drugs and sex. It’s not wrong to listen to ‘dark’ music, it’s not wrong to wear all black. You ARE NORMAL, period!! It’s the world around you that’s not.

  2. (1) Being “normal” (especially in today’s society) is HIGHLY overrated. As long as you’re being yourself then you’re winning because I guarantee 95% of those people are not.
    (2) You should be PROUD that you have not had sex at 16, at 18, 21, or 30. Hold onto your virginity as long as YOU seem fit

    You have a very positive and healthy outlook on life so don’t lose that. High school kids are so weird and college kids are worse.

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