Strawberries and First Attempt to Write Like TTSA!

So. First, today is day two of my “study spree.” And I just hate it. It’s terribly boring, reading up on physics and chemistry and whatever. But I know have to keep going, so I guess I can’t complain.

And second, today my dad bought strawberries–surprise! I haven’t had real, fresh strawberries in a really long time. Strawberries and blueberries used to be my favorite kinds of fruit. The berries made me think of this song–I believe it’s by the Beatles–called Strawberry Fields, that I heard in this movie called Across the Universe. In the movie, there was this scene of the main character, Jude, killing strawberries with the song playing in the background. He would smash them at walls, throw them around, squish them onto nails and let all the juice slide down the white canvas or whatever. I was all like “Wut” when he was doing it, because who wastes strawberries like that, but I guess you can do anything as long as it’s in the name of art. I only remember ONE lyric of the song, which was ‘…Strawberry fields forever…lalalalaIcan’trememberthelyrics…strawberry fields forever…’, and that one phrase played on repeat in my head for days after watching the movie.

Okay. So the important thing is, today I’m totally going to try out writing a detailed journal like TryingToStayAnonymous! Thanks for the inspiration dude. Anyway, here goes:

Yesterday I went to bed at like ten, but I kept tossing and turning and I couldn’t seem to get into a comfy position. EVERY TIME I was ABOUT to drift into sleep, I would think/feel/hear something that would snap me into consciousness at once. So that went on until like eleven something. One of the main reasons I couldn’t sleep was, my parents were very much awake and they were fiddling with the laptop with the lamp next to it on–and the reason for THAT was, my mother had JUST started to figure out how very marvelous online shopping is, and they were both trying to create an account so my mom could buy some clothes and stuff online. (They’re in their forties, so don’t blame them for being a bit ignorant of technology. My dad was amazed to find full movies online the other day, soz.) And they were narrating everything they wrote and did as they went along so that didn’t help either. Every time they were puzzled over something or other I had to resist the urge to shout the answer out to them from my place on the top tier of a bunk. Then, after they tried very hard to put some cash into the thing, it didn’t really work, so they said What the hey and decided to go to bed. Shortly after they put out the light, I FINALLY fell into a very light, restless sleep.

And then wouldn’t you know it, I woke up at six and was like shit why the hell did i wake up now of all times, and then I just went back to sleep until almost seven, and then I couldn’t fall asleep again. So I rose up out of my blankets and immediately wanted to die because it was freezing out. I still got up though, and didn’t even bother to put on a sweater or a jacket, which was a big mistake. So after kind of combing through my hair in front of the bathroom mirror and then rushing back to my room to fit on two more layers, I went BACK to the bathroom and washed my face with cold water (if I wasn’t fully awake before that, I don’t know how I wouldn’t be after) and managed to comb my hair back into its usual side-part, and then I had a pancake or something for breakfast, which seemed to me to be so effing dry that I could only swallow with the help of a gulp of water after every bite. Then, just to avoid my dad, who was just sitting there and might say something like ‘why aren’t you studying’ any moment, I again went into the bathroom to adjust my hair some more and obsess over my freckles in the mirror. Have you ever seen a 100% Chinese girl with freckles before? Bet you haven’t. Well, this girl has them (luckily, only on my cheeks) which is still unfortunate. Because I hate them so much, I keep worrying that I’ll grow more and more. Anyway, I came out right before my dad left for work, and then I immediately went online (kind of breaking my study spree but not really, as it was only for like fifteen minutes and I didn’t really do anything) and checked my emails, where I was pleased to find an email from my sister in my outlook and a comment on my journal (thanks SleepTight!) in my Yahoo. So then I had to open the journal (that took me a while, as the site opens super slowly) and check up on everything, because I was glad to see that SleepTight was back, and then I read up on TryingToStayAnonymous’s journal (I didn’t even have time to comment him then, because I had to go immediately after).

So at eight twenty I donned my parka and went out into the cold with my phone in my pocket. One thing that sucks, I have no wifi in my house, so whenever I want to go online or download a song or anything, I have to go to school to do it. Anyway, I went to class and sat down and asked C, one of my groupmates, whether he and D, M and A had prepared for the skit/presentation that J told us to do last week (or was it last last week) and hadn’t been done on Tuesday only because J was seriously sick that day. He laughed and was like ‘no, that was like two weeks ago, how could we remember something that long ago’, so I gave him this look and said ‘wow, I never even imagined how hardworking you guys are. Really.’ We talked about that for like a minute, and then we stopped and I was bored, so I pulled out my notebook and started writing down all the songs I love and their artists. C was interested in that, so we talked about music and artists for like ten minutes, even though class had started, because J came ten minutes late. Then she came, and she told us that our midterm ‘test’ actually consists of this skit and counts for how much of our grade or whatever. She let us practice for class, and even though D was gone off to play basketball with G from another group, we still made C go on with both his lines and D’s, and it was pretty hilarious. The skit is all about presenting one pessimist, one optimist, one introvert and one extrovert and their characteristics. I am the narrator and do most of the talking. The story goes like this: Two explorers find a bottle of water in the desert, and the optimistic one (C) says ‘score! half-full bottle of water’ and the pessimist (D) is all like ‘nah man, that’s half-empty and we’ll die even if we do drink it’. They go on and come to a village and they knock at a villager’s door and are like ‘hey man can we stay for a night’ and villager number one (M), who is an introvert, says ‘no effing way you weirdo outsider strangers, go away’ and they’re like, ok, and go on to the house of Extroverted Villager (A), who warmly welcomes them into her house. The next day, the two explorers go on their merry way. Cool plot huh. I know, it’s super lame, but we couldn’t (AKA were too lazy to) think of any other plot after A suggested it.

Then, because third period didn’t have anything to do with me, I went out and attempted to go on the school’s wifi, but apparently I was too far away from the signal and it spent me a LONG time to figure out where to stand that was not also a classroom, the road, or a teacher’s office, and that had a strong wifi signal. In the end I succeeded, and I proceeded to download three songs that I like and seven songs that my mother and sister like (remember, ‘my’ phone is also used by my mother and sister.) Then wouldn’t you know it, it was already time for break anyway, so I had to get out of the way of the buildings and surrounding roads before I got trampled by the hundreds, if not thousands of students that must run around the school once during break, or before I got stuck watching another couple hundred do this dorky exercise that all Chinese middle school (and elementary school) students learn. After it was mostly over and done I went back to class, where I sat down and talked about music with C and M yet again, because that is one of the only topics that interests all three of us. I seem to have a similar taste in music to M, except for the fact that she has a few songs of Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Justin Beiber (or is it Bieber? I never know) and etc annoying groups and or singers. Then it was time for class again, with our funny English Lit teacher M (not to be confused with my groupmate). We learned about Emily Dickinson (poetry in general), who seemed to be a very depressing lady, and then he gave us a handout and we did that for ten minutes and then class was over, and I was free!

After I got home, I sat down at the computer for a minute and ONLY listened to music, I swear. Mostly music by Tokio Hotel, who have almost replaced Paramore as my favorite band!! I tried out a ton of their songs, but I liked World Behind my Wall best. Call me outdated, but sometimes I only find some great song a few years after it was popular. Anyway, I really like the lead singer of TH, Bill Kaulitz, who I think I mentioned in my last journal. He looks really good when his hair isn’t, you know, THAT big. Also, he’s a pretty tall guy, but he’s also super thin–which is, the perfect body for a model or something. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m in love with him or obsessing over him, I just like his voice and his style (and his looks, I’ll admit that). I think it’s kind of stupid to go crazy over some movie star or singer when you don’t ACTUALLY know them. You only get to see his image when he’s outside–you have no way of knowing how he is offstage.

ANYWAY. Then it was time for lunch. I wasn’t hungry, and it wasn’t because the food was just a tiny bit not that appetizing. I don’t even know why. Then after lunch I had to read Chinese with my mom and, like two hours ago (I had no idea that typing such a long journal would take so much time) when my dad left again for work, I sat down and started writing. And, because I was feeling inspired by TTSA (and also because I wanted a good excuse to not be doing physics; not slacking off, just kind of sort of procrastinating) I decided to write this very long detailed (to me) journal that probably no one will have the strength to read over, except myself.

And in the end, I guess that’s really all there is to say. Have a great Friday and weekend guys!

Love from yours truly,


2 thoughts on “Strawberries and First Attempt to Write Like TTSA!”

  1. I had the strength to read over your journal, and I liked it! A lot! 🙂
    I really think it really is unimaginably awesome that you can study for so long! (it only is when you think of the grades part – when you think of the actual studying part it gets a lot less awesome.)

    Keep up the journals, it’s one of the nicest moments in my day!

    ~ SleepTight

  2. Thanks so much SleepTight!
    The one really good thing about studying really hard is the good grades on tests in the end. Because the process of studying totally sucks!!
    And I love to read and comment on your journals too!!!

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