“World Behind my Wall”

I’m not even going to attempt to write another TTSA-esque journal today, and not because I’m being lazy and want to procrastinate. I’m starting this journal at eight forty pm right now and I only have another like hour before my mom scoots me off the laptop and only one hour twenty minutes until my dad comes home and starts grilling me about my studies again (which is super annoying because, believe it or not dad, I stopped slacking like several days ago and I actually am studying now).

Whatever. Today I wanted to write another song journal, because I am currently obsessed with all things Tokio Hotel. I love their music! Yesterday night I was again nearly sleepless (what is wrong with me) and every time I woke up I could almost HEAR World Behind my Wall, Monsoon and Ready, Set, Go! playing again and again in my brain. Probably because I spent like an hour listening to TH’s songs one by one (and a few on repeat) right before I went to bed. I think I should stop listening to loud music at night, but I just can’t stop. I like loud music–I don’t mean music played at a loud volume, just fast music that SHOULD be played loudly. And just to make myself clear, just because I like to listen to Tokio Hotel does NOT mean that I am a goth or in anyway depressed. Because besides, goths aren’t all depressed anyway. That’s just a stereotype.

Anyway. The lyrics to World Behind my Wall are amazing! I say this about a lot of songs when I’m first addicted to them, but I still do mean it every time. I’m very “sincere” that way. Here’s an example (my favorite part):

The sun will shine like never before/One day I will be ready to go/See the world behind my wall

It sounds kind of melancholy but also optimistic. I love how the lyrics are about getting out from behind a ‘wall’, because I can totally relate to wanting to escape from behind my wall, my comfort zone, and go outside (not literally go outside…I would much rather laze around at home, I just mean be more open to people).

I think their Humanoid album is better than Kings of Suburbia, because the best song on KoS is Love Who Loves You Back, and the other songs aren’t that memorable. I still like most of their songs though–and they have a lot of them, considering that quite a few of their songs were first recorded in German, and then translated into English.

Because one of my smaller goals is to draw at least one picture in my sketchbook every day until it’s all finished, I drew a vampire today! Female, of course, with bat wings and a long dress and red eyes, and holding a cross in one hand and a spilled goblet of wine in the other. Don’t ask me the symbolism of the cross or the goblet, because there isn’t any. I just thought that it would be interesting to draw a vampire holding a cross, considering that vampires are supposed to dislike crosses and things to do with Christianity. On the first page of my book, I drew Ariel from the Little Mermaid (because I love her long red hair, it was easy to draw), and on the second day I drew an aviator! I like the aviator best out of the three because of her hat and goggles.

You know what, I was just thinking how convenient and comfortable it is to type on an actual computer and not thumb-type on a tiny little smartphone. I was just writing down notes and ideas on my phone and it was super tiring. It wasn’t that it was too slow (well actually writing on a phone IS much slower than a laptop) but it was annoying to only be able to see a few tiny words at a time, and it was also super annoying to have my words auto-corrected without me even noticing until like a whole paragraph after. It would be horrifying to have to type lots of stuff down on a phone…your thumbs would probably crack immediately afterward. At least mine would.

Eh, eh, nothing else I can say (another song name, this one Lady Gaga’s) now. I should just watch some more MVs online before my mom boots me off. So, signing out now.

Stay cool guys, or you won’t be cool enough to read my amazing journal for tomorrow–just kidding, it’ll be super lame like always, so don’t get your hopes up–


2 thoughts on ““World Behind my Wall””

  1. You’re journals aren’t lame, I really like them! (or we’re both just lame, haha)
    I hate typing on a mobile! I Always hit the wrong letter, because I’m writing way too fast. And you’re typing at least 5 times as fast on a computer if you want to write something down that doesn’t contain just three words or so.
    Anyway, nice journal as Always 🙂

    ~ Sleep Tight

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