American Sniper

I can’t imagine having a phone call telling me that my husband is no longer alive. Upon seeing the movie, “American Sniper” I cannot get the idea of this movie out of my mind.

Mainly because, I myself, am extremely patriotic and loyal to this beautiful country. This man was beautiful. He wasn’t perfect, but his morals and things that he did throughout his life was beautiful and admirable.

It makes me sick to think that there are dumb ass celebrities who don’t do heroic admirable things throughout their lives, except make movies. And when one of these dumb ass celebrities die because they overdose on crack- the world makes a huge deal out of it.

Chris Kyle wasn’t given the recognition he deserves. With the people that he saved and the missions that he accomplished throughout his short- selfless life. There wasn’t enough the world could do to thank him for his service. It’s disgusting.

I went online today to check the sales of the movie, “American Sniper.” It gave me some form of hope for mankind- the movie is ranked #1 with over 90 million dollars in sales. And I’m so happy that someone stood firm in having this man’s story rightfully being told to the world. (As do I feel every soldier that pays the ultimate sacrifice has the right to).

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