dear Sam

Dear Sam

I know you say you don’t like me but I think you do like me but I don’t know you say you don’t like me but I like you and this is why. well for one your super funny and I wish all guys were as funny as you, you have that sence of humer that  I love and hate people that’s not funny. anthor reason that I like you is your super cute and your hair is awesome. you always were awesome shoes that I wish I had I don’t care if there guy shoes. any way yes, you have some pimples but we all go through that. and you skateboard if a gay ask me out and he doesn’t skate my answer is NO. well what im trying to say is your the girl version of me and if u don’t want to date me that’s ok I just want to be your friend and that’s all I care about is friend ship  and when we went to see the women in black 2 I wasn’t scared I just acted like I was so I could I get close to you and I really wanted you to hold me back but what im saying is guys are weird and we can never tell if they like us back. im just saying If you like me back please let me know

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