I’m so sick

I feel so incredibly sick right now it’s not okay.
Like yesterday night I felt awful.  I couldn’t eat anything without feeling like I was going to be sick and I was sort of shaky and just gross.  I thought it was stress and that it’d pass by today but here we are…
Most of the day I had the same symptoms, just felt awful.  After a bit of research, I thought I might be anemic since while being here I haven’t really eaten any red meat or food with iron in it in general.  At mums we’d have red meat about twice a week, so the sudden drop would make sense.  So I told dad and he made me an omelet and I took this stress relief pill because I was extremely stressed too.  After all that I started to feel better.
Not soon after my heart started beating really fast and I was shaking and my stomach was churning and I couldn’t sit up anymore.  I lay down and got incredibly tired fast so I fell asleep.
I just woke up again and I’m still shaky and my legs aren’t working properly and I’m really worried even thought I’m sure it’s the anemia.
Why did chocolate set it off again??

It’s my birthday party tomorrow.  I can’t be sick tomorrow.
I’m 17 on Wednesday.  It’d be nice if I weren’t sick then…

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  1. Maybe it’s the sugar? Hope you feel better soon.

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