Where in the world have we been?

Guess everyone in the house got a little lazy after Christmas and all the things we’d been putting off came back and slapped us across the face. Really freaking hard! After taking just a few days (two weeks) off from “practice” and I didn’t find out about it until just a few days ago. He’s been putting us through the most intense “practice” any of us have ever experienced! Six hours of non stop “practice” except for one bathroom break and a small snack. Then, it’s back to “practice!” Honestly, I have no idea how any of us are able to move right now or why I’m even on the computer. I should be smart and do what everyone else in the house is doing. Sleep!

Don’t make the assumption that I just watches us “practice” and all he does is sit around and eat chips all day. He’s suffering just as much as the rest of us! At least I hope so. He does just as much work as we do. Let’s see…I’ve only got about four more hours to relax before getting back up with everyone else and doing more “practice.” May as well try to rest. You’d think my body would just collapse. Nope. My body hates me.

Signing off


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