About Me

Hello there. Sorry about the introduction. I am trying to think of what to call you. Maybe Kitty, like Anne Frank. Enough of this crap, I want to explain some things about myself. I was introduced to this world on May 27th at about 2:30 in the evening. My favorite color is black. I am a hippie, bitch, lover, peace-maker, entertainer, writer, and extremely short tempered. I am in love with Queen. Classic rock is bomb. I have two wonderful sisters and two horrible ones. My two brothers are nice enough. My mums name is Pamela, and she is from Ireland. My dads name is Christopher, and he is German. And just as you would expect, I look like you would think an Irish-German girl. Pale skin, blue eyes, and red hair. Also, I have a bit of an odd taste in men. I prefer men instead of these lumpish, ill-mannered, muppety schoolboys. Which brings me to the matter of Matt Black. He has shaggy hair, kelly green eyes, a good sense of fashion, and a graceful stride that fits his gentlemanly demeanor, like that of a cat stalking his prey. His hips sway ever so slightly and it drives me absolutely mental. But he is married and about 11 years my senior. Well, I’ve got to get going. The who are coming on at the moment.


Did you miss me? Moriarty is sexy as hell. Moffat needs to stop making his villains so attractive and make me question my mental stability. Any who, people think me strange because I tend to got for older men, but it is honestly not my fault. Vielle’s etoiles de rock sexy, or Old sexy rock stars. Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, John  Deacon, Pete Townshend, Keith Moon, Roger Daltrey, Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, Axl Rose, Billy Idol, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and John Lennon. All of these cute little shits have ruined my life. I have it bad for Freddie. I like the singers, but I LOVE watching the drummers. My ex was drummer actually…anyways, as my friend said once “The bang-bang makes us want to bang-bang”. I think its the way they get so violent with it. Also, have you ever tried drumming? Its hard work man. I accidently said in front of my dad “STOP BANGING THOSE AND COME BANG ME!!!” Its hard for me to talk about The Beatles in front of my mum. She thinks they are the anti-Christ. Me and her argue a lot. I’m actually pretty sure she thinks I’m going to hell. I am a decent human. I’m sure that there are worse people than me out there. It’s a bit late so I shall stop writing and rest a bit. Gute Nacht mein Katzchen.

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