It doesn’t matter how you interpret the meaning / connotation of the title above; I’m just stating a very simple fact. People do change, but some (choose to) stay the same.

New year = new attitude? Some people believe it is. Some believe it’s the new behaviour, new (better?) habits that count. Whatever it is, it’s their call.

Of course, we all want to improve our lives, be better than before. We also want (or need) to keep some things just as they are, for whatever reason.

So do they.

“You’ve changed.” – Sometimes that statement is expressed in disappointment. If that is the case, then does that mean changes aren’t always good?

“You’re just the same. You haven’t changed.” – This too, is sometimes expressed with disappointment. If that is the case, why should everything stay the same?

It depends. It’s all relative.

Maybe you’ve disappointed some people with your ‘changes’, especially when they expect you to stay the same. Maybe it’s because they simply can’t keep up with you any longer.

Maybe you’ve been disappointed with other people’s changes too. Maybe they’re not whom you’ve always expected to be, because you wish for them to stay the same – or at least do whatever you want them to do or think they should.

Whatever it is, welcome to life. Things don’t always go your way, just like they don’t always go theirs. We can’t control people like they can’t control us. We’re designed to grow, to characteristically evolve (I’m not speaking in Darwinian terms here.) Sometimes we cross the same path; sometimes we go our own separate ways.

In the end, to be yourself is all that you can do…



            (Jakarta, 4/1/2015 – 6:40 am)

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