Wars and parentheses

Am I doing something wrong? I have written a journal in the last two days but I just realized they both didn’t go online. They just vanished. Am I doing something wrong or does anyone else experience this too? I’ll copy this journal before I upload it and check whether it uploads correctly. (update: I had to upload it twice)

Anyway. The party with friends was so nice (there’s a word for it in Danish: hyggelig. And in German: gemütlich.) (BTW I SCORED AN 8/10 FOR MY GERMAN SPEAKING TEST) (I’m using to many parentheses) (sorry).

I just made some close-up photos, and they turned out so great! Even though I started out with videography, I’m starting to like photography more and more… (only thing is.. I feel so mainstream saying I like photography. Everyone is a photographer nowadays. You don’t hear so much about videography) (here I go again) (I’ve got to stop doing this)

I just heard I have to finish an essay for tomorrow. Don’t you hate it when you forget you have to turn in something big and then you remember it last minute and stress out? Yeah, I do that all the time. I have to write an essay about my opinion about a few wars (including WW1, WW2 and the war going on with the IS). They have to be “well argumented and not too common”. It has to be at least 15 chapters. I’m not really a history fan. See, what a good combination.

I think I might have to start on this essay now, even though I’m thinking about being “sick” tomorrow. hehe

I just realized, I talk about school in almost every journal… I might want to stop doing that. You know what? I’m setting a 19/01 resoltuion to not talk about school in my journals anymore, or at least less than I’m doing now. 🙂

Have a good day / night!

~ Sleep Tight

One thought on “Wars and parentheses”

  1. Oh my gosh I experience the same problems when I post my journals–they just vanish with no explanation, and I’m left smashing my head against the desk screaming before I retype it all.
    Anyway it’s so awesome that you get to learn German in school (and you seem to be really good at it!) They mostly don’t learn other languages in high school in China, because they have to concentrate on English first, so I believe that there’s only one language club here: a German one! Which is cool, so maybe I’ll check it out after I learn the basics myself.
    Plus, I like hearing about stuff in your school! It’s interesting, not boring.
    And good luck with your essay!!

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