So. Yesterday I searched up the German alphabet and the pronunciation of all the letters, including the umlauts. Then I watched a few short videos of Germans saying the alphabet. There was this really funny video about how different some German words sound from English, French, Spanish and other languages. Especially when it came to the part where there were phrases like ‘traffic law’ and ‘beef law’ and the German words were crazy long. Like, insanely long. It almost made me switch and start learning the French alphabet instead. But in the end I thought, if I learn German and become fluent in it, so damn fluent that I can pronounce those scarylong words and mke the non-German-speaking people around me scramble to pick their jaws off the floor and then worship me as a goddess (this is something that my English lit teacher says all the time and it’s rubbed off on me), all the difficulties that come with learning a new language will be totally worth it.

Anyway. Pronouncing the letters isn’t that hard–I just had a little problems with the German ‘R’ and the umlauts. The big advantage of learning French or German when you alreay know English is, the letters are mostly the same, so you don’t have to really learn that all over again. It’s a bit harder with Chinese, because you don’t write LETTERS–except when you’re first learning PinYin. In case you don’t know, PinYin is Chinese words written with English letters, except you don’t ever use V, you never use I at the beginning of a word, you seldom use O and E at the beginning of words, you seldom use A at the beginning, “Ch” sounds are spelled with Q not Ch and “Sh” sounds are spelled with X not Sh. Plus some other stuff but that’s just a few basics of PinYin. If you decided to learn Chinese, you would start out learning PinYin, and then develop into writing numbers and easy words, just like you do with any other language. I myself think that the hardest part about learning Chinese, out of reading, writing, listening and speaking, is speaking. It’s a bit hard to speak Chinese with its four different tones (that also vary from dialect to dialect) and not make it sound all flat. But reading and writing should be easiest, because there are only so many parts that go into writing one word. Except when you’re writing hard words like 罅 (pronounced kind of like ‘Sha’ with the A like the one in ‘cat’–this word is the fourth tone)and 麒麟 (read ‘Chee-Leen’, with the ‘ee’ sounds going up at the end like you’re asking a question–this is the second tone) , the main difficulty with most words will probably be writing them with correct proportions, which is something that even I have not COMPLETELY mastered (sometimes, with complicated words, I end up either cramping eveything together or spreading everything way out). But I’m not trying to put anyone off about learning Chinese–it’s not as hard as it sounds if you really try to learn.

Today I was all set to give my (our) presentation with my group partners A, C, D and M. We even rehearsed like one and a half times in the morning, after my first class. We were planning on going somewhere in the middle. And then wouldn’t you know it, it took about forty minutes for our teacher to explain the rules and for two groups to present, then comment on the other’s presentation. So we’re going to go tomorrow afternoon. Which is actually maybe better, because we’re STILL in the middle–on Friday, the last two groups will go–and this gives us some more time to memorize our lines. I’m all ready with mine, but D was still muttering them over his phone this afternoon before class.

I’ve said that I’ve been kind of sleepless lately, right? So I’ve been terribly restless at night these past few days and it’s driving me CRAZY. I don’t feel tired at night, I don’t feel tired in the morning (except in the very first minutes of consciousness before I practically fall off my bed when I’m climbing down from the bunk) and I sure as hell don’t feel tired in the afternoon. Seriously, what is wrong with me. I go to bed at later than ten, and then I toss and turn and doze and then wake and think about music and movies and random stuff and then doze and then wake AGAIN, and that goes on for most of the night, until I get maybe four or almost five hours of really steady sleep and like three hours of tossing-and-turning sleep. Whenever I wake up I start thinking about the songs I’ve listened to today, the conversations I’ve had, the problems I did on my textbooks, and just weird stuff in general. Which, incidentally, is a hobby of mine–daydreaming about odd questions and random facts, that all seem to be inexplicably intertwined and connected in my brain. But even though I don’t feel tired or sleepy or anything during the day, it does feel awful to be half asleep before jolting awake because I JUST remembered that part of the lyrics to that song in that album by that artist who also did this and held a concert there and did whatever whenever with whoever. And now I know my problem isn’t even connected to my listening to loud music at night, because the same thing happens no matter what I do before bed. So, maybe I’ve mysteriously become an insomniac because of some traumatic incident that I’ve buried in my brain? That seems to be the only ‘logical’ explanation right now…

In the end, I guess I just want to say that first, I’m kind of bummed out that TryingToStayAnonymous hasn’t written anything in the past few days, since he said that he fucked-up and deleted everything off his computer. It sucks to not be reading his extravagantly long and detailed journals…they were like newspapers to businessmen–very important in my day!! I hope he hasn’t totally stopped writing. It sucks when people you’ve kind of sort of ‘met’ and that seem pretty nice just leave. And second, I’m still very thankful for all the comments (many many thanks to SleepTight and anniecat, who are the main commenters–you two are amazing!)

And lastly–Good night sleep tight and don’t let the vampires bite! Love from yours truly, the Queen of Unfinished Stories–


3 thoughts on “Alphabet”

  1. I noticed too, that TryingToStayAnonymous hasn’t been writing anymore. Just like you said, it had really become a routine to read both your journals.
    Anyway. Good luck with learning German! You’ll get used to the R and the umlauts will go easier in time too. Keep going! 😉

    Good night and sleep tight!

  2. He’s back. I think the word umlaut is funny. I have periods of time where I was an insomniac. For me, anxiety, hormones and caffeine, any and all of the preceding in any combination. I am having trouble with it right now knowing I am starting a new job and having to go through a bunch of learning and relating stuff. That even though I know it’s going to all be great and I can’t wait. I suppose being excited is another thing than can add to sleepless nights. Anyway, I hope you get some sort of reprieve from it all soon and get a good nights sleep.

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