Today I have spare time again, after almost two weeks of studying. (wow, so original) I’ve been thrilled to watch the last two episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I have been wanting to watch a new serie. And even though I like PLL, I want a serie that’s… not repeating itself every season. The thing is, a lot of series tend to use almost the same plot every season. Maybe because it’s safer than introducing a new plot and risking that it’ll be disliked. Or maybe because they try to continue a serie as long as possible, because it’s making the company loads of money (which was kind of the case with PLL). Anyway, I’d really like to watch a serie with a good plot now. Any recommendations?

O my god, have you read/watched The Maze Runner (James Dashner)? I think I’ve written about it before, when I watched the movie or something. The movie was awesome. But now I’ve finally started reading the books and holy shit. I really love James’ writing style! I have a feeling I will be finished with the serie (4 books) in no time…

Some of my friends think it’s so weird that I have this love for books, series and films. Especially the characters: sometimes it feels like they’re real. They just don’t get it. They think it’s weird I can read / watch series for hours (with the emphasis on can, school and work takes up so much time! And so does sleep!). They often say something like ‘I hate reading books – I only do it when I have to for school’. And I totally get that. Because if I wouldn’t read besides school I would probably think I hated reading too. When you’re forced to read something (just like when you’re forced to study) it becomes so much less fun! I try to convince them to read a few books in their spare time and see if they like it. I’ve already got 3 “book-haters” to discover their love for books!

I think almost everyone loves books, but they just have to read the right books! For example:  I love YA, sci-fi, fantasy and drama, but I don’t like it when a book only contains romance (I do like romance though, but it should be only an aspect of the story) I think it’s impossible to not like a single book.

Anyway. I’m going to watch, read and photograph.

Sleep Tight!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I have never understood it when my friends tell me that they do not like to read! I know it’s really boring to read books that you’re assigned to read, but it’s totally fun to read books that YOU want to read.

    Like you, I develop a love for the characters in books I like–I went through a HarryPotterForever phase, LoveArtemisFowl phase, GirlCrushOnKatniss phase and countless other phases in which I tried to write (operative word being ‘tried’) fanfiction about them. I also cry a lot when I’m reading–I went through dozens of tissues when I first read the part in The Hunger Games where Rue dies, and I was devastated when Fred Weasley died in Harry Potter.

  2. EXACTLY! I totally had all of those phases too! I cried when Rue died too (both in the book and the film)! And I loved Harry Potter – I always wanted to be like Hermione and I nearly died when I realized there wouldn’t be any more books.

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