Presentation and My Second Attempt to Write like TTSA!

If I had a dime for every time I spelled Wednesday by thinking “Wed-nes-day” in my head, I’d be rich. I guess it’s just a habit that came when I was little and I kept spelling it “Wendsday”. Anyway, this just popped up into my head and I thought I’d write it down before I wrote the rest.

As you can see from the title, this journal is going to be a very detailed narration of everything that has happened today, up until now (a few minutes to four pm). Well, detailed to ME–there are still some things that I’ll probably forget about, or omit. I hope whoever is reading this won’t mind when I keep using too many parentheses, colons and dashes. Or get annoyed when I write too long run-on sentences that keep going on and on and are only separated by innumerable commas. Or get mad when I keep using the word “anyway”. So anyway. Here goes:

As usual, I woke up very early today (like six am? I’m not sure exactly, as it was too dark for me to see the time on my watch then) because of my recently contracted sleeping problem, which I’ve mentioned in several journals now. Yesterday was a bit better than usual; I fell asleep much quicker than the day before. I still woke up a lot though. Ugh. Anyway, because it was so cold and so dark out and I didn’t feel like getting up, I just kind of closed my eyes and very lightly dozed for about another hour, and then when it was almost seven I decided what the hell and just got up. I still wanted to die though–it was FREEZING. So I struggled into my jeans and my sweater (which made my hair frizz up because of all the static electricity) and then a jacket, and I half-climbed, half-dropped to the ground and went to brush my hair, brush my teeth, all that. Incidentally, my sister woke up early too. And then because I was feeling strangely sick and I didn’t feel like eating breakfast, I went online and checked my emails, IM, etc until my parents woke up (surprise–my dad is normally something of an insomniac, and it isn’t surprising for him to sit before the laptop for two hours before I come out of my room). After he woke up I couldn’t stay online for much longer, so I got off and drank some water (I was still feeling dizzy and kind of nauseous) and declined to eat anything else.

Then I got out my chemistry textbook, and my pen and pencil, and sat down at the kitchen table (which I had just wiped down because I so do NOT like sitting down at a greasy table, especially when I’m reading or writing or drawing) and half-heartedly did some chemistry problems (I had to go online to check a few of them after I got back from first class), but even though I was totally only half doing my homework and half daydreaming my dad apparently didn’t catch on to me, and he left for work. After that, it was almost time for me to go anyway, so I checked my backpack and flipped through the rest of my textbook (I’ve already finished like three-fourths of the whole thing in a few days, so yay me), and then I put on my shoes (which reminds me that I should buy a new pair sometime) and went out into the cold, harsh world. After about five minutes I got to class, where it’s thankfully always warm, and sat down at about the same time K came in for class. He told us what we (well, technically, they) should expect on their finals, and then he asked me if I was going to take them too (I said no, not because I don’t want to–I mean I do DON’T want to, but the main reason I can’t is because I don’t have a student number). So he said to them “Aren’t you jealous?” and he said to me “You don’t even have to come–or, you can come and sit down in the classroom while they’re taking it and laugh at them. Or you could help them cheat. Guys,” he said, turning to them again, “She could be your cheating resource.” That cracked us all up, and then he said “But you do have to pay her,” and that just made us all laugh again. He can be funny sometimes, really he can. And after that there was about ten minutes where he talked to us about how bummed he is that we (they) don’t get music or fine art classes and how they should get a petition and demand them from the heads and all. Like those people would even listen, I mean come on. So then he left and he put on his hat (he was wearing a new hat today–I don’t even know what to call it or how to describe it, but it seemed to be made of this oliveish-green felt), and then I left too.

When I got home I went and searched up all my problems and questions about chemistry, physics and math online (curse my non-mathematically-inclined brain, searching these things up takes up so much precious time that could be better spent learning German, or even better, daydreaming). Then, because my internet time was up and done, my mom scooted online, and after doing my required problems I put those things away for the morning (I still have to do them in the afternoon).

Oh yeah, I haven’t told you something important yet. I bought a 100-note pad of four-color sticky notes the other day, and after separating the four colors, I decided to write the beautiful, or inspirational things I’ve heard on them and stick them 10*10 on my wall, to remind me that there are beautiful things in my life. On the blue ones, on which I write song lyrics, I use my light blue ballpoint; on the yellow ones, I use my red (I have no yellow) pen and write lovely quotes; on the green ones, I use my dark green pen and write quotes from literature; and on the pink ones I use my pink pen and just write one beautiful word (some words will have a definition, but those are only the words that are from other languages, like “Livsnjutare”). I know this idea sounds odd, but writing them and reading different quotes and sayings has really made me happy. Maybe, when all 100 notes are written and stuck on the wall, I’ll take a picture and send them to you guys. Anyway, after I did my chemistry and stuff, I started on the four notes I decided to write today (I’ve decided to write AT LEAST one set a day). The word is “Beauty”, the quote from a book is “No one is youer than you” (from one of Dr. Seuss’s books), the saying is “Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud–Maya Angelou”, and I’m still wondering which song lyric I should write: “I know my kingdom awaits” from Coming Home, or “You’ll always have a friend in the sun” from Move on the Sun, or something else.

If anyone reading this knows a (preferably not too long) quote, saying, song lyric(s) or a beautiful word, please tell me–I would love to hear what other people think of as inspirational or beautiful.

Anyway. After that, my dad came home, and then it was time for lunch. I had a great appetite then, probably because I didn’t have anything solid for breakfast. After lunch, my dad sat down for a nap on the couch, and I just kind of lazed around and did some random stuff (drew, wrote, brainstormed, struggled over physics) until 1:40, when it was time for me to go.

This school is really big, like seriously huge, much bigger than the old school my brother and sister went to, and the buildings are all pretty much connected. I like to go to class this one way that goes past the arts center and that isn’t too crowded. Like, there’s a big plaza with a Chinese flag in the middle, and if you were standing on the steps overlooking it, you would see my class on the far corner of the left, hedges shrubs and trees in front of the long walk from the main gates in front of you, and these two tall buildings (I think they’re the science/computer labs) that are identical, and connected at the top with a really cool walkway (so kind of like a big H, but with the top of the H mostly sheared off). Anyway, when I was going under the H, I heard someone call my name–my groupmate, C. I was pretty surprised that he was just coming out of the bottom of one of the buildings, and that he was wearing his formal uniform. The uniform is about identical for both boys and girls–white collared shirt, then a dark blue sweater-vest-thing, then a navy blue suit, and THEN either navy blue pants and a red/blue tie for boys or a kind of navy blue skirt and black knee-high socks and a red frilly collar bow for girls. He called me over and asked me to please put his jacket on his desk, because he had to go get his picture taken or whatever, so he left and I went diagonally across the plaza up a flight to our class, where I found that both the doors were locked. At first I considered hanging around until someone inside opened the door, until a former groupmate, Br (Br does not stand for Bromine here!) came along and said that the front door wasn’t locked, it’s just really tight and sometimes you need to kind of force it open. So after she did that, I went in feeling kind of embarassed, and then I set C’s jacket on his desk and sat there and kind of listened to our teacher J (who came very early) play some sort of game with a bunch of students on the desk on the podium. Then in a flash it was time for class.

When class started, Group One went first. They have six people in their group, all boys. Anyway, K (not to be confused with the teacher) was an interviewer, and the other five were interviewees, and they all had different personalities and blahblah. It was pretty funny, and after they finished our group had to discuss their performance. At first they were all muttering “So who’s going to speak first” and I was like eh, what the heck and I went first, and after I went on and said that their performance was interesting and funny and whatever, for some reason, tons of people started clapping. Ok. So then it was M’s turn, then A, then D, and last of all C, and after a very brief silence M added a few things, and then I did too, and then our ‘discussion’ was over. And then it was time for the other groups to speak up, if they felt like it. Their opinions went on for like ten minutes because they were talking to J about something that seemed to be vitally important and interesting, and the longer we sat there, the five of us started getting antsy, like why can’t they just stop and shut up and let us go already. After J ended their conversation, she let us go. So I was the narrator, and after every small scene I said a few words (I wasn’t shaking, and my voice was loud and clear and slow enough, and I was facing everyone with my head up, it’s just that I couldn’t resist kind of brushing my almost-side-bangs back several times, which is something I do when I’m kind of nervous, hyper of just full of energy). And then it was over, and we all gladly slipped back into our seats.

Reviews were pretty favorable toward us. One thing that happened that was very funny was, when F was talking about C, he kind of got C’s and my name mixed up, which made everyone laugh–and then when he was talking about C, he called him ‘She’ and made everyone explode into laughter, because everyone is always joking that C is like a girl. Then wouldn’t you know it, class was over, and we were all relieved because we got through our presentation without doing anything too embarassing or stupid. Now all we have to do is wait for Friday, when the last two groups will go.

Then I came back, and after talking about some stuff with my mom, I started writing this journal, and it’s officially taken me a full hour to write all of the above. Phew, glad that’s over. Actually, I’m kind of sad it’s over. I liked writing all of this. It made me feel happy to think back on all the funny stuff that happened today. I hope this journal makes someone else feel happy, or at least not too sad, as well.

So that’s it. Have a great day, my fellow writers and friends–I’ll be back tomorrow!

Royally yours,

The Duchess of Discarded Novels,


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  1. You made me happy with your journal 🙂 A quote I like is: “Live every moment as if it’s the last one” – Lee Ann Womack. I’m not sure, I think it’s a song… I read it as a quote in a book one time and I remembered it ever since. I would love to see a picture of your wall when it’s done!

  2. Yay thanks for the saying, it’s perfect for my wall–just short enough but really beautiful! I’ll have to search t up. And I’ll figure out a way to upload my wall of notes when I’m done for sure!

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