Trying to clear my mind…

Today i’m going to start a 20 day mind clearing challenge… I am going to answear one question every day… Today it’s : Is it worse to fail or never try.... It seems so obvious what’s the right and logical answear to this one is…. if u fail atleast you know you tried and don’t have to think the rest of your life: what if… I guess it depends on the individual situation though as to what do you want to do and are afraid of doing?  We often hide behing words like: “I can’t…”… but i think theres nothing really in life that we can’t do… if we really put our mind to it and make an effort…. of course there’s is another side to it…it’s called: talent… example would be if you wanna become a singer but you just don’t have a voice for singing…. so you try and maybe you try more than once but it just doesn’t  come out right… then I just think you should be in peace with it that it’s not something for you… and like other things we can teach ourselves, but some things are just unfortunately  not ment to be for everybody…. and the greatest achievment in those situations is the ability to accept it is not ment for u and find peace with it and move on not letting it disturb your life… I myself am hiding behind such “I can’t..” at the moment aswell…. it just seems to be easier… easier to not deal with the reality of what would happen if i admitted and accepted the consequences of my fear… But I believe it will come to me one day…. the currage to let go…. i am working towards it…. 

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