Vocab and DNA

Okay so today I had a biology lesson, and I’m starting to like biology more and more. I love to learn about the human body and how things function – why people are the way they are. We just covered the blood circle and the nervous system. I actually liked it! Soon we’ll get started with DNA, and I’m really looking forward to seeing whether I like that subject, too.

Since English is not my native language, and I would really like to expand my vocabulary I decided I’m going to keep some sort of journal with words I didn’t know yet. Whenever I come across a word I don’t know (but think is useful) I’ll write it down. Then I’ll look over the words I’ve written down once a day or so, and slowly expand my vocabulary! The first word on my list is “To morph into” (which is funny because it isn’t even one word..). The second one is tedious, I had never heard of it.

I also just (re)discovered a song and I can’t stop listening to it. It’s Sweather Weather by Fuelled Dancefloor. I has a certain vibe I really like. It also get’s me to sleep in, and I don’t have that with a lot of songs. Mostly I listen to something called ASMR before I go to sleep. It’s kindof creepy and weird but it tends to work. I have no idea what ASMR stands for, but it’s just relaxing sounds I guess. You have different types of videos (on YouTube). Sometimes they’re roleplays or whispering videos. I don’t really like those, they creep me out. But the tapping or crinkling videos are really nice! I listen to them before I go to sleep and it works! 🙂

I have to go, dinner’s ready!

~ Sleep Tight

2 thoughts on “Vocab and DNA”

  1. Good luck on learning new vocab words! Learning new words is really fun because so many of them sound amazing. Here’s a word: Brouhaha (broo-HA-ha). It means an uproar, or a disruption. I like this word because it sounds so funny! Anyway, I’m sure you’ll improve your vocabulary in no time!

  2. Brouhaha, sounds cool! I’m going to remember that one 😀 And thank you, both for reading and commenting 🙂

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