i guess this is the one…..

I spent some time today looking for a different on line journal only to get frustrated and stick with this one. It will do for now. I also want to buy a real one to put pen to paper too, I saw some cute ones. I think I like the online/interactive journal, I’m going to try and write and also interact quite a bit more. I think it would do me well since I know I have to work on my communication skills a bit more, This is a step I guess.  I’m back in the hospital again, was in here for a little over two weeks, was out for about five and now here I sit. Like I said, I’m newly diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis, I was fine for months symptoms wise, but since August I’ve been in and out of here. It’s hard, painful, scary and all that jazz but I can definitely say I am staying extremely positive and hopeful through it all. It’s not deadly, I could have a terminal illness and I don’t so that’s one of the ways I look at it all. I’m still very much blessed.

I have so much to write but don’t want to bombard everyone, I’m still new. Also can’t believe I’m even writing in some journal, especially on line. Feels good though. If anyone would like to interact, feel free.

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