Sometimes I feel extremely tired all of the sudden. Like, one moment I’m fine and the next I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted right now, and I’m so looking forward to going to bed. Besides from being tired, I’m also feeling sick. 🙁

Anyway, I’m thinking of buying a new phone for my birthday. The phone I have right now is slowly dying. First of all it’s super slow, when I want to watch a YouTube video it can’t stop buffering. Second, I can’t charge it right anymore. When I put the charger in it keeps unplugging for no reason. Sometimes it just wont charge. The battery is also getting worse and worse. So I want to buy a new phone. I would love an iPhone, but I’m not going to buy one. The reason being that you pay a lot for the brand when you buy an iPhone. You can get a Samsung for around the same price with the same (or more) specifications. So yeah, sorry Apple.

I think I might throw up if I stay up for any longer. (Sorry, I don’t mean to be gross)

Sorry for the lame journal,

~ Sleep Tight

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