Okay, right. Remember that I said I was really tired yesterday? Guess what, I still am. I don’t know where it’s coming from. Sure, I’ve had some rough days but it’s not like I’ve never had those before. Normally I’m a different kind of tired, you know? You have this tired where you’re just not really up to doing something. You just want to lie down and do nothing. And you have the kind of tired where you want to do nice stuff and all, but you’re just so tired. I have this feeling I might fall asleep any moment, haha. (I am the second tired now)

Anyway, today I had to do some kind of project in history class. We had to work in groups. Basically our teacher said: here you have a timeline with the biggest events that have something to do with WW1. Now tell me who is most guilty of this war? He asked the question like there would be some simple answer to it. I had the worst group: one of them was doing everything but participating, the other one just looked at me like I was an alien whenever I told her my point of view (I guess she didn’t understand). The other one did understand and participate but all he did was say the exact opposite of what I was saying. In the end I made our opinion. (And the teacher totally agreed with us/me)

In school we often have to debate. And god, I hate debating. We have to debate for my primary language, English, and soon German a lot. But we have to debate for pretty much every subject. I hate it. I really don’t like speaking up in front of a big group of people and that’s basically what debating is about. I especially hate it when it’s in another language: I tend to stutter a little when I have to speak in front of people, so imagine how that is in another language. In Master English we have to do a certain debate, it has a lot of rules and it’s really anoying since you HAVE to speak when it’s your turn. Even if you don’t know what to say. All teacher say that debating is really a skill we should develop since we’re going to do it a whole lot more in the next few years. I think you know how I felt about that.

Anyway (I keep saying anyway when I start a new topic within an entry, it’s really annoying, sorry), enough talk about school hehe. Today I watched a bunch of episodes and movies (3 episodes and 2 movies – I told you it was a lot :p). I could have done something better, like studying for school or making homework or maybe sport or something… But nah.

It’s currently 23.09 right now and I think I’m going to bed. I hope a good night sleep will help the tiredness 🙂

~ Sleep Tight

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  1. I hate speaking up in front of people, even just regular classmates. In the past, every time I was called on in class, I would bow my head so I didn’t have to look the teacher or any of my classmates in the eye when I was answering. So I totally get why you hate debate! Anyway, I hope you’re feeling less tired now–I know how it feels to be like that!

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